Programmable Logic Controllers

Tech-Labs offers a wide range of products designed to keep pace with the world of Advanced Manufacturing. From Hydraulics to Process Control to CNC there is a program for any application.

  • Amatrol Level 1 Programmable Controllers
    The 890-PEC-B has the qualities of a real world machine with relay-controlled start/stop power station, terminal strip I/O test points, operator station, and machine automation station.

    The model 890-PEC-B Programmable Controller Troubleshooting Learning System teaches programming and troubleshooting of programmable controllers and their use in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. The 890-PEC-B System teaches PLC troubleshooting like no other product by providing a hands-on learning station that models real world PLC-controlled machines with up to 40 faults that can be inserted into the system.

  • VFD/PLC Wiring Training System
    The 85-MT6BA requires the Electrical Wiring Learning System (850-MT6B).
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    Amatrol’s VFD/PLC Wiring Learning System (85-MT6BA) covers installing a VFD and PLC in an electrical panel to create power and control circuits that learners will test and operate. This learning system will provide invaluable hands-on practice for careers like electricians and industrial maintenance technicians.

  • Modern Curriculum with PanelView Plus Terminal and Networking
    Learners will study industry-relevant skills including how to operate and program PLC systems for a wide range of real world applications.

    The 990-PAB53 Portable PLC Learning System addresses this need by providing a comprehensive curriculum and application workstation that teaches modern PLC systems as they are used in industry today. Students learn both basic and advanced applications using the powerful Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5300 PLC, a PanelView Plus terminal, and networks throughout the curriculum.

  • Allen-Bradley CompactLogix (990-PAB53F)
    Allen-Bradley CompactLogix

    The 990-PAB53F Portable PLC Troubleshooting Learning System provides comprehensive curriculum and a cutting-edge workstation to teach PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming, operation, and applications used in industry. The 990-PAB53F uses FaultPro, Amatrol’s unique electronic fault insertion, to teach PLC troubleshooting skills, such as PLC input and output testing, software testing, and application troubleshooting. Learners study both basic and advanced applications using Allen-Bradley’s CompactLogix 5300 PLC, PanelView Plus, and networking throughout the curriculum.

  • Amatrol’s Portable PLC Troubleshooting Learning System (990-PS712F)
    This portable learning system will teach the basic concepts and skills of the Siemens Controller System.

    Inside this attractive, durable carrying case, learners will find a world-class learning system with components like the KTP 600 Human Machine Interface (HMI) panel, which allows user input and displays output data. Combined with Amatrol’s thorough curriculum, learners will gain both theoretical and hands-on knowledge that can start them on a path towards a rewarding career.