Tech-Labs Turns 40!

Tech-Labs Turns 40!

It has been forty years since our President, Tim Brown, left Georgia in an old Dodge Dart with a dream to build a company that would ultimately improve peoples' lives. It was his dream to partner with educational institutions in Texas and Oklahoma by providing the latest technology and curriculum available and the best quality training equipment in education to enable students to achieve successful careers.

Oklahoma State University uses 3D Technology to Create a Mobile Vehicle

Figure 1 Final frame design - control variable throughout process comparison

Oklahoma State University engineering capstone project; using 3D technology to create a mobile vehicle sustainable for competition. The Sooner Powered Vehicle Team (SPV) is a student organization that designs, fabricates, and races a competitive recumbent bicycle. SPV provides the opportunity for young #engineering students to demonstrate sound principles of design through the development of a sustainable and practical transportation alternative.