About Tech-Labs

Educational equipment and instructional software provider

Technical Laboratory Systems, Inc., Tech-Labs, was founded by Tim and Dede Brown in 1977 to meet the increasing demand for technical and vocational training in Texas and Oklahoma. Over the last 40 years, Tech-Labs has developed into a full-service educational equipment and instructional software provider. Tech-Labs works with leaders in instructional software for science and technical training systems. It has become one of North America’s leading suppliers of industrial training equipment and curriculum for advanced manufacturing, industrial maintenance, mechatronics, welding, renewable energy and engineering. Tech-Labs is also one of North Americas largest engineering apparatus distribution companies.

Tools to Teach Tomorrow's Technology Today

Tech-Labs specializes in various markets in order to expertly serve our customers. It is Tech-Labs's goal to help educators prepare their students for the technology of tomorrow by delivering equipment, curriculum, and software that will challenge students and help teach the competencies and skills students and industry need to face and overcome the challenges of the 21st Century.

Science Solutions in Texas

Eight years ago Tech-Labs saw a need for instructional science solutions in Texas. Over the last eight years, Tech-Labs has become a market leader in TEK’s based science solutions. Offering K-12 State Adopted 100% TEKS coverage. Utilizing differentiated instruction for science that is either teacher-centered or student-centered. Tech-Labs science products and solutions are proven to increase student knowledge in science and subsequently raise TAK’s scores. With over 500 science labs in Texas, Tech-Labs has both the understanding and capability to provide customized science solutions for any school.

It is our mission is to provide cutting edge technology, equipment and curriculum to educators that will help every student achieve success in the world of tomorrow.

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