Process Control Training Systems

Tech-Labs is proud to offer equipment and curriculum from Amatrol’s Advanced Manufacturing program. Amatrol’s industry leading equipment and curriculum is developed in partnership with industry to deliver job ready, industry relevant skills. Working closely with companies like Caterpillar, Tropicana and many others Amatrol has designed equipment for work place success.

  • Amatrol Level 4 Process Control
    The 950-PC1 Process Control Pilot Plant teaches control of the most common process variables used to manufacture liquid and gas products in industrial process applications.

    The 950-PC1 is unique because it replicates a modern industrial process control pilot plant by presenting students with a full size, floor-standing system consisting of industrial quality components. These components are connected in a manner that replicates industrial process control circuits and offers students a complex system that will help them to prepare for the complex systems they will encounter on the job.

  • Amatrol Advance Manufacturing Trainers
    Our learning programs are equally effective for technicians, engineer, production workers and any one needing further understanding and skills in process control systems.

    Each Advanced Manufacturing topic incorporates the skill development needed for modern industry. From operation to complex troubleshooting, Amatrol’s learning systems deliver job-ready skills.