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Educational Tools for Post-Secondary Schools

Today's technology is advancing at an incredible rate. Give your students access to the cutting-edge technology they will encounter throughout their career. We offer an assortment of technology for colleges and universities including a range of 3D printers and 3D scanners from Stratasys, Renishaw, Desktop Metal, 3D Digital Corp. and Artec.

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3D Printers

Stratasys 3D Printing takes learning to new heights by capturing imaginations, testing ideas and proving theories rapidly in real space. Universities use 3D printers to provide lifelike prototypes and durable custom lab equipment. Stratasys offers a powerful range of 3D printing capabilities, with PolyJet technology for multi-material 3D printing and impressively detailed surfaces, and FDM Technology for durable parts in production-grade thermoplastic.

3D Scanners

3D Digital Corp., the leader in 3D scanning technology, has pioneered a reverse-engineering solution that’s affordable and complete. It’s called EScan, and it was designed based on field research and extensive customer feedback. Customers let 3D Digital Corp.know they needed a total solutions package — not just a scanning device. With EScan they’ve delivered it.

Artec 3D prides themselves on developing and manufacturing high quality, yet easy to use portable 3D scanners, smart, user-friendly 3D software and an SDK that provides the best integration possibilities, whatever the application. With a worldwide presence and a large number of global clients, they supply state of the art 3D technology in several areas including Industrial Design & Manufacturing, Healthcare, Science and Education and Art & Design.

Anatomy Models

SynDaver Labs designs and builds the world’s most sophisticated synthetic human tissues and body parts. Our SynDaver Synthetic Human bleeds, breathes, and employs hundreds of replaceable muscles, bones, organs, veins and arteries – all made from materials that mimic the mechanical, thermal, and physicochemical properties of live tissue. This validated technology is used to replace live animals, cadavers and even human patients in medical device studies, clinical training and surgical simulation.

Laser Cutting & Engraving Machines

Users of ULS laser engraving systems enjoy how easy it is to operate and customize for their specific business needs. With processing areas ranging from 16" x 12" to 48" x 24" and options for single or dual lasers—on top of a host of add-on features and patented technologies—you will have a laser platform that can adapt to your unique requirements. Universal Laser Systems offers laser sources that range in power from 10 watts to 150 watts and are available in three wavelengths: 10.6μ, 9.3μ, 1.06μ.

  • Renishaw AM500Q
    Renishaw’s first multi-laser additive manufacturing system.

    Renishaw’s first multi-laser additive manufacturing system with build rates up to 4 × faster than single laser systems.