Hydraulics / Pneumatics Trainers

We offer a line of training systems for Advanced Manufacturing from Amatrol, including equipment specifically designed to teach hydraulics and pneumatics.

Tech-Labs is proud to offer equipment and curriculum from Amatrol’s Advanced Manufacturing program. Amatrol’s industry leading equipment and curriculum is developed in partnership with industry to deliver job ready, industry relevant skills. Working closely with companies like Caterpillar, Tropicana and many others Amatrol has designed equipment for work place success.

  • Basic Hydraulic Troubleshooting Learning System
    The 950-HTB1 is a vital training opportunity for learning how to diagnose and correct common problems with hydraulic circuits and components. In fact, this learning system features over 35 faults for learners to practice troubleshooting.
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    Amatrol’s Basic Hydraulic Troubleshooting Learning System (950-HTB1) teaches how to troubleshoot hydraulic systems and components such as hydraulic motors, directional control valves, and cylinders. The knowledge gained from the 950-HTB1’s hardware and curriculum is extremely valuable for maintenance technicians within industries like manufacturing, automotive, agriculture, construction, and many more! This learning system will also serve as a solid foundation towards attaining certifications.

  • Hydraulic Maintenance Learning System 950-HM1
    Amatrol’s Hydraulic Maintenance Learning System (950-HM1) teaches skills related to servicing and maintaining hydraulic systems and components.
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    Hydraulic systems are used in innumerable industrial areas like automotive, packaging, pharmaceutical, and food processing. This learning system provides a valuable learning experience for industrial maintenance technicians, system installers, and many others by covering hydraulic filter and fluid maintenance, fittings, seals, hydraulic hose and clamping devices, hydraulic tubing, and hydraulic component installation.

  • Amatrol Learning Sytem - 990-PTB1
    Amatrol’s Portable Pneumatics Troubleshooting Learning System (990-PTB1) provides a skill-rich, portable troubleshooting system for basic pneumatic and electro-pneumatic circuits.
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    This system’s value is twofold: first it provides vital training experience for learners and professionals that will perform industrial maintenance, installation, and troubleshooting on pneumatic systems used in real-world automation machinery, packaging equipment, pharmaceutical applications, chemical handling tasks, and more. Secondly, this system features industry-standard valves, switches, and gauges all within a portable learning system that can be placed on a conference room table, shop floor desk, or practically anywhere when training space is limited.

  • Amatrol Fluid Power Trainers
    Fluid Power, Hydraulics & Pneumatics Training Systems

    Amatrol’s fluid power training systems are the best in the industry. Our learning programs are developed in partnership with industry and education to ensure that the skills are on target to support modern industry needs.

  • Portable Pneumatics Learning System – 990-PN1
    Includes real-world pneumatic components mounted on a silkscreened panel for easy identification within a portable case that features wheels and a handle.

    Amatrol’s Portable Pneumatics Learning System (990-PN1) is a mobile option for bringing Amatrol’s topnotch products and world-class curriculum to environments that lack the space for full-size trainers or where trainers are needed in multiple facilities. The 990-PN1 allows learners to practice hands-on skills and study basic and intermediate pneumatic concepts, such as the application and operation of pneumatic cylinders, flow controls, directional control valves, air motors, and pressure gauges