Levil Technology

Levil Technology is a family oriented, Central Florida based company established in 1999. We are dedicated to the design and production of desktop CNC milling machines for education.

Levil machines are controlled with top of the line solid state technology, making them some of the most accurate and reliable machines out there. Ruben D. Leon, president and founder of Levil Technology, is a dedicated Aerospace engineer graduated from Princeton University. He has dedicated his life to automation processes and CNC milling machines.

All the staff at Levil Technology are proud to bring you innovative technology year after year, and provide you with the means to enhance your learning programs, and take your training to the next level.

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  • CNC and Robotics Training
    The CNC certification cart takes classroom training to a new level by allowing students to experience the complete programming, setup and operational workflow right inside the classroom.

    Students write, edit and verify programs using the editors and 3D solid model animation in NCGuide. They then setup tooling and workplace offsets and make the part on a real machine while still in the classroom. When they move to the workshop, students are already experience in setup and operation - so the equipment is utilized more effectively, potentially reducing the number of machines required.