Payload: 35kg / Axes: 6 / Reach: 1813 mm

“The FANUC CR-35iA collaborative robot allows shared workspace between an operator and the interactive robot,” added Buell. “The highly-sensitive robot gently stops if it comes in contact with the operator, allowing the robot and human to work side by side.”

FANUC’s new CR-35iA is the world’s first collaborative robot with a payload capacity of up to 35 kg. Fenceless, it opens a whole new world of possibilities. Working safely side by side with human operators, it is space as well as cost saving. And because inside it’s like any other FANUC robot, it operates like all FANUC robots.

Certified to meet the requirements of ISO 10218-1:2011 and RIA/ANSI R15.06-2012, FANUC’s CR-35iA collaborative robot can work in a variety of applications alongside human workers including: machine tending, handling heavy payloads that require lift assist devices or custom equipment, higher payload mechanical assembly, palletizing or packing, and tote or carton handling.

Collaborative Operation

  • Operates in close proximity to humans in a shared workspace without safety fences.
  • Works in cooperation with a human operator. (example: heavy workpiece transfer, parts assembly)

Safety Function

  • Stops safely when it comes in contact with a human operator.
  • Safe and gentle green cover reduces impact forces and pinch points by providing a soft barrier between human operator and robot arm.
  • Certified to meet the requirements of international standard ISO 10218-1.

Intelligence & High Reliability

  • Latest intelligent functions such as iRVision (Integrated vision) are available.
  • The CR-35iA is designed and built with the precision and reliability of all FANUC robots.

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