Tower Crane Personal Simulator

SimLog Heavy Equipment Simulators for Operator Training

Simlog's simulation software puts you at the controls of a modern freestanding top-slewing tower crane with trolley jib. Instrument readings include working slew angle, working radius, lowering depth (hook height), and load weight. There is also a simulated three-way switch for hoist gear selection. You can even change the viewpoint during the simulation at the touch of a button.

Simply set up the simulator controls, install the simulation software (in English, French, or Spanish) on your desktop or laptop PC, and begin!

Add a big screen display for "life size" graphics, and quality speakers for the audio feedback. Simlog even offers a vibration system to enhance the simulation experience. There are setup options to suit almost every budget.

Software Description

There are six "Simulation Modules" of increasing difficulty. Early modules introduce the basic crane motions. Later Simulation Modules add obstacles and load charts, to end with zigzag trajectory following exercises. Key "Performance Indicators" measure how quickly and how carefully the simulated work is performed, including execution time, maximum load sway, number of load/obstacle collisions, and number of 2-blocking occurrences. In this way, the feedback is diagnostic, instead of just a consolidated pass/fail score.

Simulation results are automatically saved, so trainees can progress at their own pace without trainer supervision. To simplify the record keeping, Simlog offers a database product called Simulation Manager, and the same database can be used with all of our Personal Simulators.

Simulator Controls

Many kinds of USB-ready simulator controls, and mounting configurations, are available:

  • Replica Controls, featuring components suitable for table-top mounting
  • Simlog's new Operator Chair, to obtain a superior simulation experience
  • PC Controls, consisting of low cost off-the-shelf input devices for easy transportability
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