Forklift Personal Simulator

Simlog's Forklift simulator is the only simulator that was truly designed for vocational programs, and that provides the scope, depth and realism of skills training required in a vocational curriculum.

Simlog's new Forklift Personal Simulator puts you at the controls of a typical "factory" forklift (also called "forklift truck" or "lift truck") with rear-wheel steering.

Many different kinds of situations typical of factories, warehouses, and distribution centers are presented, in order to address the training needs of a wide variety of customers using different operational practices.

Simply set up the simulator controls, install the simulation software in English, French or Spanish on your desktop or laptop PC, and begin. Add a big screen display for "life size" graphics, and quality speakers for the audio feedback. Simlog even offers a vibration system to enhance the simulation experience. There are setup options to suit most every budget.

Software Description

Simlog's Forklift simulation software is configurable, to reproduce the many different kinds of real forklifts. Three different power system options are available: Internal Combustion (gas-powered), and two versions of Electric. (Different simulator controls are required for each option, and the simulated forklift will also operate differently.) Use three or four levers, or even two joysticks, in addition to a steering wheel, transmission lever, and pedals.

There are seven "Simulation Modules" of increasing difficulty, as follows:

  • Controls Familiarization
  • Slalom, for driving forwards, with and without loads
  • Ramp Driving, for driving forwards and backwards up and down ramps, with and without loads
  • working with Selective Pallet Racks
  • working with Drive-In / Drive-Through Racks
  • working with oversized loads and Cantilever Racks and a Flatbed Truck, positioned outside
  • working at Loading Docks, with two different kinds of trucks

For viewpoints from inside the cabin, the forklift mast and cabin frame can be displayed as either opaque (like a real forklift) or semi-transparent, to improve the visibility of the forks and the area in front of the forklift, including loads, racks, and obstacles. An "overhead map" presents the position of the forklift, the loads to be moved, and their target positions, to make it possible to plan the work to be done. You can even change the point of view during the simulation using buttons on the simulator controls, keyboard keys, or the PC's mouse.

Key "Performance Indicators" measure how quickly and how carefully the simulated work is performed. With more than 60 Performance Indicators in all, feedback is diagnostic, instead of just a consolidated pass/fail score. They include execution time, average and maximum driving speeds (forwards and backwards), measurements about how precisely loads are picked up and put down (errors in orientation, centering, etc.), and counting many kinds of collisions (forks, loads, shelves, etc.).

A variety of incorrect operating conditions will trigger "Procedure Errors", such as driving "out of bounds". Finally, conditions related to safety receive special attention: a forklift overturn condition, or a load falling from a pallet or a shelf, will trigger "Fatal Errors" and the simulation immediately stops.

Simulation results are automatically saved, along with the occurrence of any "Procedure Error" or "Fatal Error", so trainees can progress at their own pace without trainer supervision. To simplify the record keeping, Simlog offers a database product called Simulation Manager, and the same database can be used with all of our Personal Simulators.

Simulator Controls

Many kinds of USB-ready simulator controls, and mounting configurations, are available:

  • Replica Controls, featuring industrial strength components, suitable for table-top mounting
  • Simlog's new Operator Chair, to obtain a superior simulation experience
  • PC Controls, consisting of low cost off-the-shelf input devices

Operator Chair for Forklift Personal Simulator

Simlog's new Operator Chair with industrial controls offers a superior simulation experience to train forklift operators thanks to an authentic operator seat with consoles for the left and right hands, and an adjustable steering column. All are mounted on an industrial platform with casters, for easy portability.

Since typical forklifts are equipped with three or four levers, you will need to use three or four USB-ready Forklift Levers. The fourth lever controls the separation of the forks so if you use three levers instead of four, the simulation software will change the separation of the forks for you. The levers are mounted on the right console, using a special bracket, The left console includes a USB-ready F/N/R Transmission Control Lever. There are also two toggle switches to change the point of view, one in each console. The industrial steering wheel is mounted on a column that telescopes and easily pivots to numerous angles. The Operator Chair also includes three industrial pedals.

Key Features

  • Authentic industrial operator seat, with headrest, air suspension, and seat-belt
  • Adjustable seat position (forward/backwards, three vertical positions)
  • Adjustable armrests (in height and angle)
  • Integrated left console for the F/N/R Transmission Control Lever and viewpoint changing switch
  • Integrated right console for Control Levers and viewpoint changing switch
  • Full steering column with pivot and telescope capabilities
  • Fully functional industrial style pedals
  • Five possible pedal positions, to create the typical placements found in real operator cabins
  • Steel platform with heavy-duty casters for easy portability

Possible Setups

There are three possible arrangements, one with a single display in front, one with a first display in front and a second display in back (to teach people to turn their heads to look behind when backing up), and one with three displays in front arranged side-by-side.

Operator Chair Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions: L 60” x W 34” x H 47”
  • Weight: 385 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 67" x 43" x 44"
  • Shipping Weight: approximately 550 lbs. One unit per skid, not stackable.

If you are a Simlog customer, then you may be able to re-use the simulator controls that you already have, and just purchase the new Forklift simulation software license.

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