CNC & Robotics

Tech-Labs is proud to be FANUC Robotics exclusive Education Authorized Reseller in Texas and Oklahoma. FANUC’s Certified Education Robot Training system sets the standard in Industrial Robotics certification training. As the number one supplier of intelligent robots, there are more FANUC robots working in manufacturing and industrial facilities than any other brand. The FANUC Robots Certified Education Robot Training Cell is extremely valuable to trade schools, high schools, community colleges, and engineering schools.

We also offer educational products from Amatrol and Minds-i. MINDS-i is rocking the Robotics Education world with a high-technology platform that is simple to use, extraordinarily durable, infinitely modifiable, and will prepare student with the skills they need to excel in the 21st century.

Micromill CNC Milling Machine

Denford CNC Micromill Milling Machine

A compact 3 axis CNC micromill milling machine with totally enclosed interlocking guards - the ideal introduction to small part CNC manufacture. Variable spindle speeds and feedrates make the MicroMill ideal for cutting resistant materials such as wax, plastic, acrylic, aluminum and free cutting alloys.

Vertical Router

Large format vertical 3 Axis CNC Router

The Denford Vertical Router is a large format CNC Router, combining high speed machining over a large working area with space saving engineering. The 1200 x 800 mm working envelope makes it ideal for the manufacture of large-scale items. The machine is well equipped with a high power 21,000 rpm spindle motor and AC Servo Motors allowing contouring and rapid feeds of 20 metres per minute in all axes. Inspired design provides excellent production capabilities and ease of installation, as the Vertical Router will fit through a standard door frame.

Router 2600 / Router 2600 Pro

Denford 3 Axis CNC Router

A 3 axis CNC Router with totally enclosed interlocking guard, suitable for all levels of education and training. With its large capacity the Router 2600 is ideal for cutting a range of resistant materials such as hard and soft wood, plastic, modelling foam, acrylic and prototyping material. Both models are available with 5 Station Automatic Tool Changer; and in addition, the Router 2600 Pro can cut non-ferrous metals.

Router Compact 1000 Pro

Denford Compact 100 Metal Cutting 3 Axis CNC Router

A compact 3 axis CNC Router with totally enclosed interlocking guard, suitable for all levels of education and training. The Compact 1000 Pro is ideal for cutting a range of resistant materials such as hard and soft wood, plastic, modelling foam, acrylic and prototyping materials, as well as non-ferrous metals.

MRC 40 Router, Miller & Engraver

Versatile, Affordable Denford Router, Miller & Engraver

Denford's high-spec / low-cost solution for all your routing, milling and engraving needs. The MRC 40 has a powerful 500W spindle motor and offers high speed manufacture linked with a large working envelope. This versatile machine handles small engraving jobs, and the large working envelope and Z axis capability (110mm) is perfect for the manufacture of large 3D designs. Set-up and tool changes are a simple process, and the MRC 40 has a host of optional extras for specialist applications.

Fanuc Certified Robot Training

Learn on real industrial robots

FANUC America now offers Certified Education Robot Training (CERT) to qualifying High Schools, Community Colleges, and Universities. With FANUC America's educational robots, students can learn to utilize the latest automation technology while applying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Industrial robotics training in the classroom can safely be achieved through the CERT program. FANUC America provides the necessary training to the instructor as well as a curriculum to introduce students to robot applications.

FANUC CERT Education M-1iA Cart

Certified Education Robot Training M-1iA Cart

With FANUC Robotics’ CERT Program, new courses and project based activities prepare students for a workplace that will be increasing in robotic automation. The Fanuc Robotics Education Training Cart incorporates the compact M-1+A robot housed in a self contained, mobile enclosure. The lightweight parallel-link M-1+A robot is designed for small part handling, high speed picking and assembly applications.

Fanuc CNC Certified Education Training Program

Qualifying students to be productive right out of the gate for industry leading jobs.

The FANUC CNC Certified Education Training program is an industry certification available to qualified high schools, community colleges, and universities. The program certifies instructors at educational institutions to train their students to program, set-up and operate CNC machine tools using FANUC’s control platform.

Amatrol's CNC Machine Operator Program

Flexible Turn-Key NIMS Certification Training Program

CNC Machine Operators require skills in operating a CNC machine but are not machinists. Through industry task analysis as well as strong involvement with our development partner, a large global manufacturer, Amatrol’s CNC Machine Operator Program brings a highly focused, streamlined set of skills to CNC Machine Operator training.