Virtual Reality and Simulation Training for the Future

VRSim products use the latest, proprietary technology to address training and skills development needs in spray coatings, welding, advanced manufacturing, construction, robotics, and other skilled trades.

They provide immersive virtual reality and interactive training systems designed to improve skills, accelerate training, reduce costs, and streamline job placement and retention with VRSim. Used by companies and schools, VRSim’s solutions support and improve your training programs with experience-based learning designed for real-world applications and to produce the next generation of skilled tradespeople. In keeping with our commitment to the future, VRSim’s suite of products are all environmentally friendly.

  • SimSpray Virtual Reality Painting Training
    SimSpray is a complete virtual reality paint training tool that reduces training time, increases efficiency, and helps you produce highly skilled workers. Tailor your training to meet industry needs with SimSpray’s enterprise, paint, powder, or blast models and HVLP edge-blending, aerospace, or furniture and cabinetry add-on packs.
  • Cost-Effective HVLP Training
    SimSpray Go is a compact, affordable virtual reality paint training tool that offers a lightweight and portable training experience. This out-of-the-box, tabletop VR painter training tool offers efficiency and effectiveness for your training programs. SimSpray Go delivers all the training benefits of virtual reality at a budget-friendly price point.
  • VRNA Package
    VRNA offers a fully immersive VR experience designed to enhance the efficiency and reduce the expenses associated with teaching patient care job skills typically conducted in a laboratory environment, including Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) modules.