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Five years ago we created a Design Lab in our facility to demonstrate the technical solutions we offer. The Design Lab was a huge success and allowed nearly forty groups to evaluate our offerings in the first year. The Design Lab was filled with equipment, fixtures, and tables, but we made it work and customers valued the time spent.

With larger groups asking to visit, we realized the Design Lab’s major limitation — we were running out of space. One hundred-year-old buildings can be that way — we needed more space, more tech, and more; changes had to be made.

We began our transition from Design Lab to a Solution Center by building a space that was 100% designed around what we do and the customers we serve. Every department shared ideas while we searched for a location and designed a rough sketch of our future building.

It was fun to work together on a project that was our own. If you have worked with us on a large project, new construction or renovation, you know that we start with a tape measure, design the layout in CAD, then insert all the specs and dimensions of the equipment,” - Warner Brown, Vice President

It took over two years to find the right land and the developer. We found the location in a commercial development that fit our needs now and into the future; we went all in. The Solution Center is 14,000 square feet; 7,000 square feet of office, demo and meeting rooms, and 7,000 square feet of warehouse. The warehouse will store equipment and be a demo space for large equipment.

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Schedule a visit our Solutions Center or request a sample part!

Services are available only to educational institutions.