MINDS-i Robotics

Providing high-technology robotics platforms that are simple to use, extraordinarily durable, infinitely modifiable and relevant for the 21st century.

STEM Education Through Robotics

Education Kits for STEM and Robotics Courses

MINDS-i has a unique vision of what robotics should be that fuels the MINDS-i line of robotic education products. Allow your students to develop a robot using the patented quick lock construction components designed by Minds-i to be remarkably tough, extremely modifiable and undeniably equipped to achieve the best performance, no matter where the path heads.

"I've always had a passion for tinkering, inventing and gaming. The leading systems just couldn't hold my interest with their limited compatibility, durability, and power. So we invented an entirely new robotics system that is tough enough to give anyone the freedom to build anything and do anything they desire in any setting. And we designed the system to be the toughest out there to make current limitations a thing of the past."
--Mike Marzetta, MINDS-i Inventor

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  • Minds-i STEM Competitions
    Minds-i STEM Integrated Robotics UAV Competition Kit
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    Immerse your students in STEM with the thrill of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) competitions. The kit introduces students to drone building and programming, with a focus on the classroom, community, statewide and national competitions. It includes a UAV frame, replacement parts, and a full library of sample programs to quickly get started. This fun, team-based setting inspires students to pursue STEM-based careers.

  • Robotics System Starter Kit
    Robotics System Starter Kit
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    Sample the MINDS-i Robotics system and introduce students to the basics of programming, robotics, and engineering. Students construct two robots and experiment with various sensors, actuators, and mechanical elements to perform multiple autonomous tasks. The set includes easy to use visual instructions for building and programming.

  • Educational STEM Lab
    Minds-i Engineering Construction System
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    The Catapult Lab is a great entry point to the MINDS-i system. The provided exercises focus on the creative build process, data collection and the PDSA cycle (Plan, Do, Study, Act) used in the industry for decades, for design engineering, product troubleshooting & problem-solving.

  • MINDS-i’s STEM Curriculum
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
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    Students design, build, and program drones for aerial search and rescues, GPS-guided crop dusting, autonomous deliveries to remote locations, and other compelling industry-related challenges.

  • Unmanned Aerial & Ground Vehicles
    Minds-i STEM Integrated Robotics: UAV + UGV Drones Lab
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    Take STEM learning to new heights with cutting-edge, drones, and rovers. Students explore programming, electromechanical systems, and aerodynamics with the UAV + UGV Drones Lab.

  • Minds-i Robotics Education
    STEM Integrated Robotics: Foundations Curriculum
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    The MINDS-i STEM Robotics Foundations Curriculum is an introduction to the STEM and Robotics. Designed as an interactive approach to applied science, technology, engineering and math, this course will allow the student to become familiar with the basics of robotics and programming through teamwork.

  • Minds-i STEM Curriculum
    High School and Post Secondary STEM & Robotics Curriculum
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    The MINDS-i Foundations Curriculum as an introduction to STEM and Robotics designed as an interactive approach to applied science, technology, engineering, and math. In this course, students will become familiar with the basics of robotics and programming through teamwork

  • Minds-i STEM Robotics Drones
    Minds-i STEM Integrated Robotics: Breadboard
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    This fully assembled and programmed robotics breadboard accompanies the MINDS-i Foundations Curriculum. Designed to help teach programming, it allows you and your students to physically interact with the sensors on a stationary platform and can be used as a quick and easy method for checking your students' wiring and code.

  • STEM Drones Curriculum
    MINDS-i’s Curriculum combines STEM with essential life skills relevant to today’s needs.

    This student LAB was developed to supplement the MINDS-I UAV Drones Curriculum as an introduction to the world of UAV Drones and Robotics. It is designed as an interactive approach to applied science, technology, engineering, and math. In this course, students will become familiar with the basics of UAV Drone robotics and programming through teamwork.

  • MINDS-i Drone Gimbal Rig
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
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    The MINDS-i Drone Gimbal Rig gives you the ability to pilot the MINDS-i UAV in a safe and controlled environment. The preassembled rig allows you to introduce flight controls and best practices to anyone, regardless of skill level or age. With the Gimbal Rig’s 3-Axis system, you have the full-motion capabilities of the UAV at your fingertips. The MINDS-i Gimbal Rig is an excellent fit in a classroom, trade show, or convention.