Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas Industry provides the fuel that keeps the world moving forward and connects us in previously impossible ways. Tech-Labs is proud to offer a wide variety training resources from Amatrol and Bayport Technical which includes Cut Away Valves, Acrylic Trainers and Demonstrators, Working Models...

  • Amatrol Advance Manufacturing Trainers
    Advanced Manufacturing Skills For Workplace Success!

    Each Advanced Manufacturing topic incorporates the skill development needed for modern industry. From operation to complex troubleshooting, Amatrol’s learning systems deliver job-ready skills.

  • Amatrol's Electrical Training Systems
    Amatrol brings industrial realism to the classroom to teach job-relevant skills needed today.

    Amatrol has developed the most comprehensive, in-depth selection of online electrical training solutions available today, beginning with the basics of AC/DC electrical and moving on to more advanced topics like electrical machines, relay control, and fabrication; electrical motor control; and electrical wiring and power distribution. These learning systems feature world-class online curriculum, skill assessment, and real-world components for an unmatched offering of skill-building possibilities. Many of these systems also offer fault troubleshooting training through Amatrol’s FaultPro, the industry’s premier electronic fault insertion product.

  • Amatrol Fluid Power Trainers
    Fluid Power, Hydraulics & Pneumatics Training Systems

    Amatrol’s fluid power training systems are the best in the industry. Our learning programs are developed in partnership with industry and education to ensure that the skills are on target to support modern industry needs.

  • Advanced Manufacuring Mechanical Training
    Tools to teach hands-on, job-ready mechanical skills for the 21st century!

    Amatrol’s mechanical training systems are the best in the industry. The learning programs were developed in partnership with industry and education to insure that the skills are on target to support modern industry needs.

  • Oil & Gas Maintenance Training
    Through competancy-based, real-world training, Amatrol provides the fuel for present and future workforce members to move forward in their careers and connect to industries that need them.

    Offering unmatched depth and breadth of training, Amatrol’s Oil and Gas Program builds industry-relevant competencies using world-class simulators featuring industry-standard components and highly interactive curriculum. The Oil and Gas Program covers vital areas such as electrical, electronics, instrumentation and process control, and mechanical training.

  • Amatrol Electronics Training Systems
    Electronics Training with Hands-on Skills and Multimedia Curriculum

    Amatrol’s electronics learning systems combine hands-on skills and multimedia curriculum to form a training experience with unmatched breadth and depth. This product focusses on electronic drives and programmable logic controllers to give current and future workforce members the knowledge that they’ll need to excel in the their career paths.

  • Amatrol's Thermal Training Systems
    Amatrol’s thermal training systems are the best in the industry and will compliment your Oil and Gas or HVAC training programs. Amatrol's learning programs are developed in partnership with industry and education to insure that the skills are on target to support modern industry needs.

    Amatrol’s series of Thermal Systems Training units provide comprehensive coverage and content in the areas of Thermal Science, Heat Pump Technology, Heat Pump troubleshooting, and Heat Pump Applications. Each of these programs include hands-on exercises on State-of-the-art training systems using real world components. Each topic area has curriculum supported by print material and exciting interactive multimedia spanning basics through advanced topics and troubleshooting.

  • Important workplace training for the Oil and Gas industry!
    Workplace Effectiveness Training from Amatrol Takes Your Program to the Next Level!

    Important workplace training for the Oil and Gas industry includes Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Mathematics, Principles of Advanced Manufacturing, Trigonometry and Working in Groups. Amatrol’s Interactive Multimedia Gives Learners the Tool They Need to Excel.

  • Cut-a-way or split case industrial trainers for the Oil and Gas Industry

    This equipment is either cut-a-way or has a horizontally split case so you can see the internal components. They may be taken apart and reassembled for training purposes. Models shown are representative of typical production items. Actual equipment may vary according to manufacturer and design or customer specifications. Please call for us for any custom requirements.

  • Bayport Working Demonstrators
    Look Inside Industrial Components & Structures

    Bayport Technical's Working Demonstrators offer realistic, first-hand visualization into the inner workings of industrial components and structures. From cooling towers and distillation towers to storage wells and charcoal filters, Bayport's Working Dissectibles offer incredible educational and training aids.