CNC & Robotics

Tech-Labs is proud to be FANUC America exclusive Education Authorized Reseller in Texas and Oklahoma. FANUC’s Certified Education Robot Training system sets the standard in Industrial Robotics certification training. As the number one supplier of intelligent robots, there are more FANUC robots working in manufacturing and industrial facilities than any other brand. The FANUC Robots Certified Education Robot Training Cell is extremely valuable to trade schools, high schools, community colleges, and engineering schools.

We also offer educational products from Amatrol and Minds-i. MINDS-i is rocking the Robotics Education world with a high-technology platform that is simple to use, extraordinarily durable, infinitely modifiable, and will prepare student with the skills they need to excel in the 21st century.

  • Amatrol’s CNC Machine Operator Program
    Flexible Turn-Key NIMS Certification Training Program

    CNC Machine Operators require skills in operating a CNC machine but are not machinists. Through industry task analysis as well as strong involvement with our development partner, a large global manufacturer, Amatrol’s CNC Machine Operator Program brings a highly focused, streamlined set of skills to CNC Machine Operator training.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Training Cell
    Modern Manufacturing Technology with a Fully Integrated and Intelligent Cell.
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    The CSM is an intelligent manufacturing system using the latest Industry 4.0 connected advanced manufacturing equipment and techniques to produce a promotional product you can be proud to have your name on.

  • Fanuc Robotics Cert Program
    Certified Education Robot Training M-1iA Cart

    With FANUC Robotics’ CERT Program, new courses and project based activities prepare students for a workplace that will be increasing in robotic automation. The Fanuc Robotics Education Training Cart incorporates the compact M-1+A robot housed in a self contained, mobile enclosure. The lightweight parallel-link M-1+A robot is designed for small part handling, high speed picking and assembly applications.

  • CNC Certified Education Training
    Qualifying students to be productive right out of the gate for industry leading jobs.

    The FANUC CNC Certified Education Training program is an industry certification available to qualified high schools, community colleges, and universities. The program certifies instructors at educational institutions to train their students to program, set-up and operate CNC machine tools using FANUC’s control platform.

  • Part number AEX-6263-0300
    Affordable and portable training solution on ‘real’ FANUC hardware.
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    The FANUC CNC simulator is a perfect addition to the classroom and an essential component to gain maximum exposure to FANUC CNC controls when actual machine time is limited.

  • Collaborative Robots
    Payload: 35kg / Axes: 6 / Reach: 1813 mm
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    FANUC’s new CR-35iA is the world’s first collaborative robot with a payload capacity of up to 35 kg. Fenceless, it opens a whole new world of possibilities. Working safely side by side with human operators, it is space as well as cost saving. And because inside it’s like any other FANUC robot, it operates like all FANUC robots. Certified to meet the requirements of ISO 10218-1:2011 and RIA/ANSI R15.06-2012, FANUC’s CR-35iA collaborative robot can work in a variety of applications alongside human workers including: machine tending, handling heavy payloads that require lift assist devices or custom equipment, higher payload mechanical assembly, palletizing or packing, and tote or carton handling.

  • FANUC CR-4iA Collaborative Robot
    FANUC Fenceless CR-4iA R-30iB Mate Plus Controller Collaborative CERT Cart for Material Handling (MH)

    FANUC CR-4iA R-30iB Education Training CERT Package for Material Handling is ideal for small part sorting and assembly, inspection, machine tending, and part delivery.

  • Levil CNC Mill-Turn
    Cutting-edge aluminum cutting machine
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    LMT-300 CNC Mill-Turn is a cutting-edge aluminum cutting machine

  • CNC Turning Center
    CNC Turning Center
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    The LTC-30 is a robust system designed for the industrial production of small parts. You will not find another lathe at this size that will give you the same rigidity and precision while cutting a wide variety of materials.

  • Levil Technology CNC Machine
    High rigidity, high accuracy and high-speed machining for all your cutting needs
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    LMV-300 CNC

    The LMV-300 CNC machine dubbed “Quicksilver” delivers high rigidity, high accuracy and high-speed machining for all your cutting needs. The entire machine’s construction stably attaches to a granite bed thus dampening vibrations and making the machine a robust system. The cornerstone of the machine is that it is literally made from stone.