Medical Simulation

  • VR Nursing Training Curriculum

Our medical training solutions encompass a comprehensive range of tools to enhance learning and skill development in patient care. We offer cutting-edge medical simulators and K-9 Simulators from TacMed, providing realistic and immersive training experiences for healthcare professionals and first responders. These simulators are designed to simulate real-world scenarios, allowing users to practice critical procedures and decision-making skills in a safe and controlled environment.

In addition to our physical simulators, we also offer virtual reality training solutions through VRNA. Our VRNA CNA and EMS modules are specifically tailored to supplement traditional lab instruction. By leveraging fully immersive VR experiences, VRNA helps instructors optimize their teaching efficiency, reduce split attention during small group activities, and keep students actively engaged in lab content. This approach empowers learners with independent practice opportunities, enabling them to hone their patient care skills with confidence in a zero-risk setting.

  • TacMed Solutions Medical Simulators
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    The TacMed Simulation AirwayPlus Lifecast Upper (APL) trains responders to perform life-saving tasks such as maintaining a patient’s airway, needle decompression, chest tube insertion, cricothyroidotomy, and Intraosseous (I/O) infusion.
  • High-Fidelity Trauma Trainer and Simulator
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    Experience unparalleled realism with TacMed Solutions' Clinical Response Lower (CRL) trauma trainer. This high-fidelity, remote-controlled simulator provides authentic simulations for hemostatic wound training, tourniquet application, and more. Perfect for POI, Secondary Care, and Prolonged Field Care training.
  • TacMed High-Fidelity Trauma Trainer and Simulator
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    Experience unparalleled realism in medical training with the TacMed CRU-R, a high-fidelity trauma simulator offering lifelike features like active breathing, CPR, central line insertion, and remote-controlled operation. Discover its versatility and mix-and-match capability for comprehensive clinical simulations.
  • TacMed Solutions K9 Diesel Simulation
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    TacMed Solution's Advanced Canine Medical Trainer (K9 Diesel) is a full-body simulator for Operational Canine First Responders, Military Working Dog (MWD) handlers, Veterinarians, and Veterinary Technicians.
  • TacMed K9 Simulation
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    TacMed Simulation K9 HERO is a state-of-the-art skills trainer that allows learners to perform critical life-saving tasks such as maintaining an airway, needle decompression/thoracocentesis, hemostasis, IV insertion, Intraosseous (I/O) infusion, CPR, tracheostomy, and bandaging.
  • Advanced technology features of MATTi™ for enhanced learning.
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    Explore TacMed's Simulation™ MATTi™ Medical Simulator, a modular whole-body female medical simulator designed to revolutionize medical training. Discover unparalleled realism, versatility, and effectiveness in simulation technology. Prepare healthcare professionals for real-world scenarios with MATTi™ today.
  • VRNA Package
    VRNA offers a fully immersive VR experience designed to enhance the efficiency and reduce the expenses associated with teaching patient care job skills typically conducted in a laboratory environment, including Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) modules.