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A New World of Innovation

Levil Technology is dedicated to designing and producing tabletop CNC machines with many users across many industries. Unlike many tabletops out there, their machines can reach incredible precision and high speeds thanks to their servo-controlled technology.

They are capable of machining and can also digitize, change, and measure tools automatically, perform canned cycle, and much more using a simple-to-use Windows-based software or FANUC control.

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  • Levil CNC Mill-Turn
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    LMT-300 CNC Mill-Turn is a cutting-edge aluminum cutting machine
  • Levil Technology CNC Machine
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    LMV-300 CNC

    The LMV-300 CNC machine dubbed “Quicksilver” delivers high rigidity, high accuracy and high-speed machining for all your cutting needs. The entire machine’s construction stably attaches to a granite bed thus dampening vibrations and making the machine a robust system. The cornerstone of the machine is that it is literally made from stone.

  • Authorized FANUC CNC Integrator
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    LMV-F400 RL
    An excellent teaching machine with an all in one production center. This top of the line Milling Machine includes an attached FANUC LR Mate 200iD Robot arm. With this machine, educators have everything they will need to teach students both Robot programming and CNC machining.
  • EDUMiLL | Levil Technology
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    The EDUMiLL is a revolutionary system that incorporates technologies from the additive and subtractive manufacturing fields to open the door to a new realm of possibilities and further innovation by making it affordable to include a 3D printer and a robust CNC mill in one package.
  • CNC Training Equipment
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    LMV-400 CNC
    The Levil CNC certification milling cart enables students to gain exposure to milling practices, including on-machine programming, set up and operation. The small footprint with easy access allows portability, eliminating intimidation that much larger machines can impose on students when first entering CNC programs. The portable machine runs on a standard single-phase 110vAC outlet and is capable of being moved from classroom to classroom through a standard doorway.
  • CNC Turning Center
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    The LTC-30 is a robust system designed for the industrial production of small parts. You will not find another lathe at this size that will give you the same rigidity and precision while cutting a wide variety of materials.