Modern industry relies on highly complex production systems to produce high-quality, economical products for an ever demanding world. Mechatronics teaches systems thinking that is required to effectively operate, program, and problem solve in this complex environment. With the rapid proliferation of automation technology, mechatronics has become one of the fastest growing technical education programs in the world. Many technologies are integrated to make these sophisticated production systems:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Software

The study of Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of engineering that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering, control engineering, and computer engineering. Tech-Labs offers teaching resources from industry leaders Amatrol and FANUC.

  • Teach Industry 4.0 Skills Hands-On
    Smart Factory Training | Hands-On Industry 4.0 Skills
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    Amatrol’s Smart Factory Tabletop Mechatronics system provides a full mechatronics line in a small space and is a great way to introduce Industry 4.0 to students.

  • Amatrol Mechatronics 870 Learning System
    Whether using one station or many, Amatrol’s Mechatronics Learning System is the ultimate team project!

    Amatrol's 870 Mechatronics Learning System teaches students a broad array of job-ready skills in integrating technologies. Students work together in a team environment to make the whole process work. Seven stations make up a complete flexible manufacturing system. Each station is a small mechatronics system in itself with multiple, integrated technologies that can be used stand-alone or in various combinations, creating unlimited project capability. The Learning System is compact, enabling it to fit into almost any teaching facility.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Training Cell
    Modern Manufacturing Technology with a Fully Integrated and Intelligent Cell.
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    The CSM is an intelligent manufacturing system using the latest Industry 4.0 connected advanced manufacturing equipment and techniques to produce a promotional product you can be proud to have your name on.

  • APT Manufacturing AM-CERT
    Take your training to the next level with a robot to train future industry employees.
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    The AM-CERT cell was specifically designed for Advanced Manufacturing training. Learn robot to PLC interface, PLC ladder logic, operator interface, safety, mechatronics, and iRVision all in one cell. Certified for Material Handling, Level II and III Training.

  • Automation Training for PLC, Electrical, Mechanical…
    Powerful automation training for PLC, Electrical, Mechanical and Pneumatic applications!
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    Amatrol’s Tabletop Mechatronics is a portable, durable, affordable learning system that forms a fully automated line to teach real-world mechatronics skills. This learning system features a pick-and-place, gauging, and inventory station, all of which fit on a standard tabletop!

  • FANUC Robot Integration Package (25098)
    Use a FANUC industrial robot with Amatrol’s 870-series mechatronics stations

    The FANUC Robot Integration Package (25098) allows customers to use a FANUC industrial robot with Amatrol’s 870-series mechatronics stations. This package contains a module enclosure that includes PLC and FANUC interface cables along with a customized program to integrate a customer-supplied FANUC robot with the mechatronics system. Additional features include customized gripper tooling and a safety guard assembly to protect learners.

  • Amatrol Industry 4.0 Hands-On Training
    Teach Industry 4.0 Skills Hands-On

    Amatrol Smart Factory training system and in-depth curriculum teaches all aspects of smart factory maintenance and operation.