One Stop Shop for Collaborative Applications

OnRobot offers the industry’s broadest range of end-of-arm tooling and software solutions for collaborative applications. Automate your processes quickly and efficiently with OnRobot’s Plug-and-Produce grippers, sensors, vision and the software that drives them.

Collaborative Application

Collaborative robots have leveled the playing field for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and as robots become easier to buy and implement, the tooling has become the vital element in adapting collaborative and light industrial robots for an extensive range of applications.

Now you can equip your robots with a wide variety of “Plug-and-Produce” End-Effectors for your collaborative and light Industrial robot applications. Choose between various combinations from OnRobot, making it quick and easy to customize your robot to ever-changing applications in your lab.

You can also add the OnRobot Compute Box and I/O tester demo board to your end-effectors for lab simulation, allowing students to carry out proof of concept exercises without needing to take the robot off-task or tie up a workstation being used!

One-Stop Shop

Get started maximizing the utilization of your robots with OnRobot’s grippers, sensors, and tool changers. These flexible automation tools are compatible with most major robot brands, saving you time and money with the easy and fast deployment of collaborative applications.

OnRobot’s smart solutions enable robots to handle adaptive, high-precision applications such as:

Plus whatever else you can imagine!

  • OnRobot Collaborative Robot Accessories
    Item Number:
    OnRobot's 2FG7 Finger Gripper is a complete, low-cost, off-the-shelf electric parallel gripper that can be deployed on any major collaborative or light industrial robot within minutes and requires no custom engineering for installation, programming, or maintenance.
  • OnRobot Collaborative Robot Gripper
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    The OnRobot 2FGP20 electric gripper offers a wide stroke and customizable arms to easily handle containers that can’t be handled with traditional vacuum grippers. Like all OnRobot electric grippers, the 2FGP20 provides fast, out-of-the-box deployment with intuitive programming.
  • OnRobot Collaborative Robot Accessories
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    With a payload of up to 15kg, the 3FG15 is ideal for gripping a wide range of cylindrical objects in machine-tending applications such as CNC lathe machines and offers seamless integration with the robots of your choice.
  • Reduced Cycle Times with OnRobot Dual Quick Changer
    Quickly and seamlessly switch between our end or arm tooling solutions for collaborative robots to maximize the utilization of your robots with the Dual Quick Changer.
  • OnRobot Collaborative Robot Accessories
    Item Number:
    SP1, SP3, SP5
    The Gecko Single Pad (SP) Gripper brings the innovative Gecko adhesive gripper technology to small-footprint applications that were previously impossible to automate. The gecko-inspired adhesive technology offers precise, no-mark gripping, even for perforated items such as circuit boards or for shiny surfaces, without the cleaning process.
  • EOAT for Collaborative Robots
    OnRobot 6-axis force torque sensors provide accurate force and torque measurements along all 6 axes. This gives you precise control when it comes to difficult assembly, polishing, sanding or deburring jobs. Additionally, the HEX software includes path recording, force control and special features for insertion tasks.
  • OnRobot Material Handling Robot Accessories
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    The OnRobot Lift100 is a long-stroke, high-payload elevator with minimal deflection that ensures precise positioning of boxes, even at high speeds. Its integrated safety features, with TÜV-certified stop functionality, facilitate collaborative deployment. Out-of-the-box integration with the OnRobot palletizing solution shortens deployment time and offers future-proof flexibility.
  • OnRobot Collaborative Robot Accessories
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    OnRobot's MG10 is a versatile, easy-to-use magnetic gripper for material handling, assembly and machine tending applications in manufacturing, automotive and aerospace environments.
  • OnRobot Collaborative Robot Accessories
    The OnRobot Eyes makes it easy and affordable to deploy vision for almost any collaborative application. Eyes is ideal for sorting a variety of objects, CNC machine tending with metal parts that are defined by outer shape, and many other pick-and-place applications where orientation is important.
  • Material Handling Palletizing Solutions
    The OnRobot Pallet Station is a durable, floor-mounted pallet fixture that ensures consistent positioning and includes a built-in sensor for detecting pallet presence.