SimSpray Paint Simulation

  • Virtual Reality Paint Sprayer Simulation Equipment

SimSpray® is a virtual reality spray painting and coatings simulator manufactured by VR Sim. This state-of-the-art instructional tool trains painters and coaters faster while reducing training costs.

SimSpray produces a realistic experience in which students reproduce the body positioning, and muscle and joint movements required to create the ideal mil thickness on a finished piece. With SimSpray, students' hands-on practice time significantly increases. When coupled with professional instruction, the ability to continually repeat tasks enables students using SimSpray to become more proficient painters in a shorter period of time.

SimSpray is the leading VR spray painting and coatings system used by industries and schools worldwide to enhance their training programs. SimSpray is easy to use and will help your programs train quicker, safer, and more cost-effectively.

  1. Touch Screen Monitor - The main interface for running SimSpray. This makes SimSpray easy to navigate.
  2. SimSpray Case - This portable case makes for easy transport to other training sites.
  3. Computer - Runs the software which produces the environment and painting processes, and generates defects and overall score.
  4. Tracking System - Captures the user's head and spray gun movements for real-time interaction.
  5. Spray Gun - Modified for practicing painting and coating techniques in a virtual reality world.
  6. Face Mounted Display (FMD) - This device immerses the trainee in the three dimensional virtual spray painting environment.


SimSpray removes barriers to the learning experience. Provide hands-on training without the spray booth, materials, setup, hassle, or equipment required to start a typical coating project. Complete and repeat coating projects with ease to help trainees learn and master skills faster.

Efficient Training

Conduct efficient training sessions with accessible, repeatable projects that provide immediate results without creating waste and that require no prep or cleanup time.

Independent Experience

Provide multiple hands-on and independent experiences tailored to meet students’ learning needs.

Customizable Learning Paths

Create a custom curriculum with projects from different industry sectors, including automotive, aerospace, construction, furniture, and cabinetry.

Effective Teaching

Set up accessible practice time and provide easy-to-understand, actionable feedback for students.

Immediate Feedback

Use instant feedback, scores, and training cues to guide angle, distance, and speed, helping trainees learn and improve faster.

Collaborative Learning

Share the painter's view or observe from an inspector's view to teach through shared experiences.

Just-in-Time Training

Offer accessible, repeatable, hands-on practice sessions when and where they are needed.

Our VR Paint Training Technology Speeds Up Skill Development

With two hardware models and multiple software licenses, SimSpray allows trainers to choose the training tool that best fits their budget and meets their program goals. Train 5x faster and reduce material costs by up to 50%(1).

  • SimSpray Virtual Reality Painting Training
    SimSpray is a complete virtual reality paint training tool that reduces training time, increases efficiency, and helps you produce highly skilled workers. Tailor your training to meet industry needs with SimSpray’s enterprise, paint, powder, or blast models and HVLP edge-blending, aerospace, or furniture and cabinetry add-on packs.
  • Cost-Effective HVLP Training
    SimSpray Go is a compact, affordable virtual reality paint training tool that offers a lightweight and portable training experience. This out-of-the-box, tabletop VR painter training tool offers efficiency and effectiveness for your training programs. SimSpray Go delivers all the training benefits of virtual reality at a budget-friendly price point.