For 40 years the Lucas-Nuelle company has stood for the development, manufacturing, and marketing of high-quality, state-of-the-art training equipment for advanced technical, engineering, and vocational education in addition to course offerings covering a wide range of basic theoretical material, project-oriented, and didactic training receives special focus.

Technology & Education

Technology with an eye for didactics

  • Experimenting with educationally optimized systems leads to technical expertise and hands-on skills
  • Broad portfolio from classical training systems to eLearning in the cloud
  • High standard in-house production
  • Committed to international standards and quality requirements
  • CarTrain Diagnosis and Maintenance of a High Voltage Battery
    Safely Teach Advanced Topics
    Item Number:

    This training system focuses on the digitally networked CAN-bus battery management system in a traction battery and on the corresponding components.

  • HEV/EV First Responder Safety Trainer
    Training and Qualification of First Responders

    The Lucas-Nuelle training system allows first responders to practice the correct procedure for recovering hybrid and electric vehicles over and over again - until it becomes muscle memory, ensuring maximum efficiency even when working under time pressure.

  • Power Engineering | Micro Grid Trainer
    Control of stand-alone networks
    Item Number:
    EMG 1 / EMG 2

    A stand-alone power network is a type of power supply network which is closed and has no active lines coupling it to other parts of the electrical power supply grid. A stand-alone network is markedly smaller than a combined electricity grid and does not usually incorporate high-voltage power lines. For this type of network, there are two distinct modes of operation, stand-alone mode, and isolated parallel or generator-to-generator operation.

  • Smart Grid Technology Trainers
    Intelligent power supply networks
    Item Number:
    ESG 1

    Features 9 stations that can be individually configured.

  • Lucas-Nuelle Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
    Train for truck and agricultural machines hybrid or electric heavy-duty vehicles.
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    To prepare students for electrification of the powertrain in commercial vehicles, the renowned HV training system for passenger cars from Lucas-Nülle has been modified and adapted. The special learning concept of the training system, which combines theoretical and practical content in a target group-oriented manner, enables flexible on-site implementation that is taking regional, operational, and industry-specific features into account.

  • Lucas-Nuelle Smart Farming Trainer
    Precision Farming with Section Control (ISO BUS)
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    This training system from the TruckTrain series focuses on the topic of "Smart Farming 4.0" based on the ISO bus. Special attention is paid to the function of "Precision Farming with Section Control", which is implemented in the hardware in a practical and interactive way.

  • ASE L3 Trainer Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist
    Prepare your students for the ASE L3 test!

    All topics related to the New ASE L3 test are now covered by our newest Hybrid/Electric vehicle trainer. Allow your students to build confidence by knowing they can safely work on a state-of-the-art real-world system performing the procedures needed to work on hybrid/electric vehicles.