Educational Science Resources

Tech-Labs is proud to offer customized TEKs based solutions for Elementary, Middle School and High School science programs. Districts using these science solutions have achieved as much as 30% TAKs gains. We offer teacher directed and student centered science solutions that utilize stunning multimedia, digital whiteboard applications, hands-on activities and built in assessment. At Tech-Labs we are focused on delivering differentiated science instruction materials and providing teachers the tools to engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate scientific theory. We offer educational science software from Edusmart, LJ Create and SciTex Learning as well as educational robotics from Minds-i.

SciTex Learning for Elementary Schools

A comprehensive series of learning resources for Elementary Science for Texas Schools

SciTex Learning is a cloud-based Elementary Science teaching resource providing proven success for teaching Elementary Science. This cloud-based blended learning program has provides proven success for k-12 science in Texas. Over 50 optional experiment kits are also available to compliment this online teaching resources.

EduSmart High School Science

100% TEKS Coverage – Adopted in Texas under Proclamation 2014

Edusmart High School Science is a Flash-based teacher-guided instructional tool that is designed to enhance instruction and maximize learning through the use of proven research-based strategies. The program was developed specifically for the TEKs in partnership with teachers and administrators in Texas.