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Multimedia science resource for grades 6 to 8

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Edusmart Science is a Flash-based teacher-guided instructional tool that is designed to enhance instruction and maximize learning through the use of proven research-based strategies. Edusmart Science is divided into subtopics and sections — Interactivity, Glossary, Assessment, and Simulation — each section having been designed to maximize learning in its own unique way.

Edusmart Science builds students' concept knowledge using multiple real world examples and models, vivid graphics, concise narrated text, and strategically placed interactive opportunities to practice acquired knowledge.

Edusmart Science enhances effective questioning, the activation of prior knowledge, and ongoing assessment through built-in pauses, allowing student-learning to drive the pace of instruction.


  • Content built specifically to meet the targeted state learning standards.
  • Rich, detailed animation and concise narrated text enable students to construct their own understanding of concepts for maximum retention.
  • Built-in pauses enable teachers to cue learning, to activate and assess prior knowledge, and assess mastery using effective questioning and graphic examples, allowing student understanding to guide the pace of the lesson.
  • Integrated whiteboard area and marking tools for making annotations on the slides, drawing images, or creating graphic organizers.
  • A test bank of multiple-choice questions, aligned to the learning objectives and supporting concepts presented, are included in each module. These questions can be accessed at any time during the program to assess student progress.
  • Higher-order thinking questions are included in each module to support journaling and reflective thinking.
  • Interactive activities or interactivities placed strategically within each module provide timely practice and immediate feedback of knowledge acquired during the program.
  • Flexible installation options. The program can be locally installed on both MAC and Windows machines or can be installed on a school or district server for easy access from all computers connected to the server.

Grade 6 to Grade 8 Science Topics Covered

Force and Motion
Plant Vs. Animal Cell
Effects of Plate Tectonics

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