Advanced Manufacturing CERT M20 Cell

NOW is the time to take your training to the next level with a robot to train the future industry employees.
Level II & III Training
Level II & III Training
Level II & III Training
Level II & III Training FANUC Certification Training
Level II & III Training FANUC Certification Training
Level II & III Training FANUC Certification Training

Introducing, the AM-CERT, a FANUC CERT Cell specifically built for Advanced Manufacturing.

FANUC America and APT Manufacturing Solutions partnered to develop educational “cells” for Advanced Manufacturing CERT training.

The AM-CERT20 Cell utilizes a FANUC M20 robot that has a PLC, multiple End of Arm Tooling options, custom folding fencing, and safety training feature’s built into one system that can also be portable using a pallet jack or fork lift. In dealing with limited space that we all deal with in education, this cell is designed to expand to a 9’ x 9’ work envelope to give you ample area for conveyors, palletizing, or pick and place, and when you’re done just fold up the guarding to have a cell that is now only 54” wide by 72” deep.

Material Handling

Level II and III Training

• iRVision 20
• Aux Axis
• Line Tracking
• Automatic Tool Change
• Mobile with Pallet Jack
• Conveyor 9”x96” option

M20 Robot - 6 axis

• 2 Jaw Gripper EOAT
• 2 Cup Vacuum EOAT

Rockwell — Allen-Bradley

• Area Scanner
• Light Curtain
• Door Interlock
• Panel View plus 1000 hmi

Machine Tender

  • Could easily be a permanent cell and used for real world scenarios
  • Front load or side load machine
  • The tri-fold guarding can be attached to either side
  • Built in lockable tool box for convenience
  • Drawer load for blank parts is safe and can be configured for other parts in the future
  • Simple build with no complex programming needed
  • Utilize the on board I/O built into the LR Mate for integration to the CNC machine
  • 120 VAC power connection and compressed air
  • No safety set up of area scanner required and no area scanner “dead spots”
  • Four side pick up and transport, designed for fork lift or pallet jack

Fenceless Machine Tender

  • Machine Front or Side Load
  • The tri-fold guarding can be attached to either side
  • Simple build with no complex programming needed
  • Integrate the CNC Machine utilizing LR Mate onboard I/O
  • 120 VAC power connection
  • Area scanner for 270 degree protection
  • Heavy duty robot base that is stable and useable, yet portable
  • Four side pick up and transport, designed for fork lift or pallet jack
  • Small size to be able to be moved into narrow spaces 32” X 48”

We can customize your training cell to fit your geographic location and common industries.

More Information

APT Manufacturing Solutions

APT Manufacturing Solutions was founded in January of 1996. Since inception, APT has been on the cutting-edge of technology, utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, software, and processes. Established by building long-term relationships with customers and providing superior service, APT currently has customers throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Israel, Mexico, and Europe.

APT is an ISO 9001 registered company with an ever-growing work force organized into four divisions: Machining, Automation, Fixture Gage, and Fabrication. The machining division handles manual machining as well as CNC production runs and boasts an excellent finished goods stocking program. Their fixture gage division specializes in weld fixtures and attribute gages. The automation division strength is in application engineering, with deep roots in robotic packaging automation, robotic machine tending, assembly line automation.

APT is one of the largest diversified manufacturing companies in our area with well over 100 employees. They are also proud to be one of the largest FANUC integrators in North America. It's 75,000 square foot building is a controlled atmosphere with heating and air conditioning in order to adhere to the highest standards of quality.

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FANUC America

Tech-Labs is proud to be FANUC Robotics exclusive Education Authorized Reseller in Texas and Oklahoma. FANUC’s Certified Education Robot Training system sets the standard in Industrial Robotics certification training.

FANUC Robotics industrial robots and automated systems cover a wide range of applications for the aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, food, metal fabrication, medical, pharmaceutical, solar panel, and many other industries. FANUC Robotics America is the industrial robotics industry leader with over 100,000 robots installed in the Americas and 250,000 robots installed worldwide. FANUC robots have payload capabilities ranging from 0.5kg to 1,350kg., and simulation packages, application software, force sensing, and iRVision. Our two primary robot products are the LR Mate 200iC Series & R-30iA Mate Controller and the M-1iA Cart.

As the number one supplier of intelligent robots, there are more FANUC robots working in manufacturing and industrial facilities than any other brand. FANUC robots and automated systems cover many industries from automotive to metal fabrication. The FANUC Robots Certified Education Robot Training Cell is extremely valuable to trade schools, high schools, community colleges, and engineering schools.

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