Take students from the classroom to the virtual work-site, as they explore their aptitude, develop real skills and learn safety-conscious habits.

Teach Heavy Equipment operations safely and affordably with Simlog’s 10 PC-based Personal Simulators for Construction, Mining and Forestry. Each simulator leverages the power of today’s off-the-shelf (Windows) PCs to finally provide truly cost-effective help for training heavy equipment operators. Chose the USB-ready replica controls or the OEM Industrial Chair option and you can begin training in minutes!

Add Simulation Manager software to track each students results and competancies as they progress through the training.

With Simlog, your students will be learning the right way to do things, thanks to “best practices” input from our OEM partners and training professionals just like you. So you’ll find the right kind of simulated tasks, the right kind of task progression, and the
right way of evaluating the simulated work.

Mining Truck Personal Simulator

Personal Simulators for training operators for positions in the mining industry

Modern mining equipment is increasingly complex, costly, and difficult to operate productively. As a result, proper operator training has become everyone's business. The fact is, it takes training to spot a truck and position it for loading under a full bucket. It also takes training to back up a truck just using mirrors under that bucket. Otherwise, your mining operations will suffer from lower productivity, higher fuel costs, increased tire wear, and more equipment maintenance and repair.

Bulldozer Personal Simulator

It's time to look again at the training simulator idea, but in a brand new, cost-effective way to complement, not replace, real seat-time.

Simlog's Bulldozer simulation software can also be configured, in order to simulate the behavior of a wide variety of bulldozers. For example, you can use separate pedals for Decelerator and Brake, or just a single pedal that combines both functions, to reproduce the different pedal arrangements found in real bulldozers.

Electric Rope Shovel Personal Simulator

The simulation software puts you at the controls of an electric rope shovel at work in a typical mine site.

There are eight "Simulation Modules" of increasing difficulty, starting with Controls Familiarization. The final modules combine elements of dipper fill at the rock face, and cab-side or blind-side truck loading. A simulated Mining Truck is built right in, to help teach truck spotting interaction. Key "Performance Indicators" measure how quickly and how carefully the simulated work is performed.