2021 Spring CTE Newsletter

Education Newsletter Spring 2021

As the end of the school year approaches we wanted to help you prepare for the fall. Many educators are putting together their 2021-22 budgets. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have or additional information you need!

DAC Worldwide

Industrial Training & Assessment Tools

We have added DAC Worldwide's training solutions to our CTE product offering.  Learning tools include cutaways, dissectibles, models, sample boards and training systems.

LJ Create Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Trainer

Prepare students for the ASE L3 Test!

All topics related to the new ASE L3 test are covered by our Hybrid / Electric vehicle trainer. We offer a blending of a comprehensive curriculum with practical tasks to make sure your students have the competencies and system understanding needed.
Is Your Fab Lab Ready?

Design Your Fab Lab

A Fab Lab is a creative space to foster learning and innovation. They are equipped with a variety of 21st Century fabrication tools, equipment, technology, and materials to teach innovation, design-thinking, and problem-solving skills to students of all ages.

SynDaver Trainers

Trainers for EMT, EMS, Nursing & Veterinary Programs

SynDaver’s synthetic human tissues and training systems are the most realistic on the market.  These synthetic human and animal models are widely used for medical education, training, and simulation.

Smart Home Certification Program

Smart Home Certification

Teach students to understand and professionally install today's smart home components. You will guide them through Marcraft's hands-on Residential Electronics Systems Integrator (RESI) program and on to certification.


All-in-one CNC Machine & 3D Printer

This revolutionary system incorporates both  additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies to further innovation by making it affordable to include a 3D printer and a robust CNC mill in one package.

Industry-Based Certifications

FANUC CRX Series Collaborative Robot

Upcoming Events

Virtual Event: Experience Stratasys: Manufacturing
In one blockbuster event on April 28th, Stratasys will unveil the most complete set of new, best-in-class, additive manufacturing solutions the industry has ever seen. From tooling and jigs and fixtures to mass production of end use parts, we are redefining speed, productivity, and agility in manufacturing. Secure your spot today!

National Center for Supply Chain Automation:
4th Annual Virtual Symposium

Embracing emerging technology for automation technician education.
April 27-28, 2021

Amatrol Instructor Training Course Schedule
Successful training programs need a well-trained teaching staff. Amatrol offers courses through the Amatrol Technical Training Institute (ATTI)  that provide training on both technical subject matter and the implementation of Amatrol learning systems. 
Remote and in-person courses available from May to August 2021.  View Schedule.


More Resources

5 Skills Every HVAC Technician Should Possess
The demand for HVAC Technicians is expected to grow by more than 46,000 jobs over the next decade.  There is also a spike of upcoming retirements.  With jobs aplenty, what skills are employers most focused on when hiring HVAC technicians? DAC Worldwide, a company with 40 years of experience, has compiled a list of the five most meaningful HVAC technician skills companies require.

How to Transform Your Mechatronics System into a Smart Factory
When you’re tasked with teaching students the skills that will prepare them to excel in the modern workplace, you must ensure that you’re teaching relevant knowledge and skills that today’s employers need in a work environment constantly impacted by advanced technologies.

Amatrol Acquires Bayport Technical
On February 15th, 2021, Amatrol, Inc. of Jeffersonville, Indiana completed the acquisition of Bayport Training and Technical Center of LaPorte, Texas. Founded over 20 years ago, Bayport is a leading manufacturer of hands-on training equipment for teaching technical skills to maintenance technicians, engineers and operators in the process industry.

Equipping a CTE Lab: How To Teach Process Control Skills
As Industry 4.0 transforms today’s industrial facilities, one area seeing tremendous growth is process control. Process control systems continuously monitor and adjust complex manufacturing processes to ensure consistency, maintain quality, increase efficiency, improve safety, lower production costs, save energy, and decrease environmental impacts.

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