HVAC Vocational Training Units

  • Single Phase Compressor Control Board (TU-521)
    Consists of an actual single phase compressor with components necessary to demonstrate all common types of controls in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
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    The TU-521 Sinlge Phase Compressor Control Board features shut-off valves in suction and pressure lines allow pressures to be varied to operate the low pressure control and high pressure cutout, PSC (permanent split capacitors) and running capacitors are supplied for capacitor (capacitive) start systems...

  • iConnect Tabletop Heat Pump Trainer (TU-701)
    Real world experience in troubleshooting wiring, piping and controls on a working heat pump unit. The trainer is perfect for introduction to heat pump theory.
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    The TU-701 Trainer includes a blower unit with evaporator, condenser fan unit, pre-piped suction and high pressure refrigeration tubing is visible for direct observation of the fluid and gas states of the refrigeration cycle; and a 360 page book with lesson plans, question and review section.