Living with Science II: High School Science

K-12 Cloud-Based Learning: Next Generation High School Science Standards
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Putting Interactive Learning into the Classroom, Laboratory and Home.

Our cloud-based science program is a multi-mode resource designed for both whole-class and individualized instruction. The interactive nature of the lessons will enhance delivery of all science teaching and learning activities.


A wide range of presentation, investigations and assessments to help develop skills and knowledge in science learning.

Learning Management System

Automatically tracks and records student/school progress and attainment.


Theory and practical resources linked to Next Generation Science and Common Core Standards.

Academic and Technical Support

Resources offering background technical knowledge and academic support for math and English.

Practical Tasks

Hands-on activities linked to theoretical resources provide users with the ability to develop practiced skills.

Content Includes

  • Interactive presentations provide both whole-class teaching and individual study.
  • Engaging investigations help develop skills and knowledge in science.
  • A comprehensive learning management system provides competency-based performance.
  • Hands-on activities linked to theoretical resources allow users to develop practical skills.
  • Background technical knowledge and academic support for math and English.

High School Science Topic Coverage

A huge library of content impacts every aspect of science education and training.

  • Chemical Reactions
  • Earth Systems
  • Energy and Motion
  • Engineering Design
  • Forces and Interactions
  • History of Earth
  • Human Sustainability
  • Inheritance and Variation of Traits
  • Interdependence
  • Natural Selection and Evolution
  • Organisms
  • Space Systems
  • Structure and Function of Organisms
  • Structure and Properties of Matter
  • Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Weather and Climate

Experiment Kits

LJ Create

LJ Create produces blended-learning resources in the form of hardware, software and e-learning curriculum for schools, colleges, universities and vocational training organizations worldwide. LJ Create creates practical and innovative teaching solutions that provide the tools to inspire students. LJ Create has been dedicated to being the world's leading educational systems provider since 1979.

LJ Create offers products from topic specific learning solutions to complete classroom management systems for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curricula. LJ Create also produces training for automotive technicians at vocational level.

LJ Creates’ Comprehensive Cloud-Based Blended Learning Teaching Resources for:

  • K-12 Science: A cloud-based blended learning resource linked to inquiry-based practical activities to make an instant impact for your students.
  • Engineering: A comprehensive series of learning resources for all engineering fields which include hands-on classroom hardware and cloud-based curriculum materials.
  • Automotive: LJ Create's Cloud-based Automotive educational resources provide professional training for the next generation of automotive technicians.
  • STEM Education: LJ Create makes STEM truly engaging with a wide range of real-world problem solving tasks in our cloud-based learning environment.

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