Turn 370 Pro CNC Lathe

Flood coolant and cabinet base included as standard.

A high capacity 2 axis CNC Lathe with totally enclosed high-visibility interlocking guard, suitable for all levels of education and training. Programmable spindle speeds and feedrates make the Turn 370 PRO ideal for cutting a range of resistant materials such as wax, plastic, acrylic, free cutting alloys, aluminum and steel.

The 370 Pro comes standard with:

  • VR CNC Turning Operating Software (PC not included)
  • Quick Change Toolpost and Holder.
  • Manual Self Centring 125mm 3 Jaw Chuck
  • Flood Coolant and Cabinet Base
  • Installation and Instruction Manuals
  • USB Connection

Optional equipment includes:

  • 8 Station Programmable Turret
  • Pneumatic Chuck and Guard
  • Tail Stock and Automatic Lubrication System

All software necessary to control the Turn 370 PRO is included. Also included is a seat of QuickTURN 2D Design - an easy to use CAD package.

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