Vertical Router

Large format vertical 3 Axis CNC Router
Denford Vertical Router

The Denford Vertical Router is a large format CNC Router, combining high speed machining over a large working area with space saving engineering. The 1200 x 800 mm working envelope makes it ideal for the manufacture of large-scale items. The machine is well equipped with a high power 21,000 rpm spindle motor and AC Servo Motors allowing contouring and rapid feeds of 20 metres per minute in all axes. Inspired design provides excellent production capabilities and ease of installation, as the Vertical Router will fit through a standard door frame.

The Vertical Router comes standard with

  • VR CNC Milling Operating Software (PC not included)
  • Aluminium T Slot Table
  • Outlet for Dust Extraction System
  • Workholding Clamps
  • Installation and Instruction Manuals
  • USB Connection

Key features include:

  • Incredible 1200 x 800 x 150 mm working area
  • 21,000 rpm spindle motor
  • Fully closed loop servo system for increased machining accuracy
  • 20 metres per minute Feed/Rapid rate
  • Will fit through a standard door frame

Optional equipment includes:

  • Large Format Vacuum Bed
  • Hinged Arm Computer Shelf
  • Dust Extraction Unit
  • F1 in Schools Car Manufacturing Fixture
  • 4th Axis Programmable Rotary Fixture
  • Workholding Clamps


Denford is committed to providing quality, innovative and reliable technological solutions to support the education and training needs of current and future generations.

Denford products span the complete learning spectrum: from unique multimedia software and easy-to-use CAD/CAM packages for teaching the principles of design and manufacture, through to CNC Milling Machines, CNC Lathes, CNC Routers, Rapid Prototyping and Laser Cutting / Engraving machines enabling the teaching of complex engineering concepts and manufacturing techniques.

As proud founders and sponsors of several unique educational projects including: the “F1 in Schools Technology Challenge”, the “4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge” and the “GT in Schools – The Sports Car Design Challenge”, Denford aims to provide ‘total packages’ to education, incorporating the highest level of technical assistance in terms of hardware, software, training and curriculum support materials.

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