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It is no secret that today students live in a multimedia world where they use technology as their primary form of engagement and communication. Teachers and administrators are searching for better ways to present information to students that will not only spark their interest, but also encourage them to explore a subject more thoroughly. Meaningful exploration usually means deeper understanding, which translates into higher student achievement, whether measured via standardized tests or an increased graduation rate.

The advent of affordable 3D technology promises to bring into reality the dream of fully engaged students. Are you ready?

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  • Visit our 3D Design Lab!Bring your projects to life.
  • Visit our 3D Design Lab!3D printing fuels limitless creativity in students.
  • Objet260 ConnexMaximum Materials in a Compact 3D Printer
  • Request a sample 3D Printed PartA sample part can illustrate what 3D printing can do for you.
  • Schedule a visitCome visit our 3D Design Lab!
  • Watch you part print!Schedule a visit or request a sample part today!
  • Watch you part print!Schedule a visit or request a sample part today!
  • Watch you part print!Accelerate the design process by
    prototyping at your desk.

3D Printing is an innovative rapid prototyping technology that allows students to test the visual and functional properties with a solid model as opposed to a virtual model. Stratasys 3D Printers have the versatility to produce parts with the strength, durability, accuracy and function of traditional manufactured parts — without machining or tooling.

Our 3D Design Lab contains a Fortus 450 from Stratasys' Production Line, a Connex 260 from Stratasys' Design Line of 3D printers and a Mojo from the Idea Series.

3D Scanning: 3D Digital Corp. is the leader in 3D scanning technology, has pioneered a reverse-engineering solution that’s affordable and complete.

Visit our 3D Design Lab or Request a Sample Part!

To learn how 3D technology empowers schools, universities and laboratories, or to try cutting-edge learning tools hands-on, schedule a visit to our 3D Design Lab or request a sample part today! Simply fill out the form below, call 1-800-445-1088 or email us at!

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