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This mechanical trainer unit is designed for maintenance and operations personnel in the Oil and Gas Industry
Bayport Standard Multiple Mechanical Trainer
Bayport Mechanical & Maintenance Trainers
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Maintenance Trainer
Bayport LOTO Maintenance Trainer

Standard Multiple Mechanical Trainer (SMMT)

This mechanical trainer unit is designed to provide maintenance and operations personnel hands-on exposure to a variety of common mechanical situations inherent to industrial processes, and allows personnel to progress through the full range of required skills using one comprehensive training unit.

Development of skills associated with vertical and various horizontal ‘shaft alignment’, ‘gear drives’, ‘belt drives’, ‘chain drives’, ‘pump maintenance’, and ‘lock-out/tag-out’ can be achieved through full employment of this unit.

All components are mounted on a sturdy metal table with locking casters and all non-contacting surfaces will be powder coated with a high-durability process. Overall dimensions of the unit are 36” wide X 84” long X 60” tall.

Maintenance Trainer (MT)

This Maintenance Unit was designed to provide ‘hands-on’ training for a wide variety of common process activities. Training exercises with this unit include alignment and coupling exposure, complete pump maintenance, electric motor and associated control systems including lock-out tag-out exercises.

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