Teach New Welders with the U/LINC Welding Program

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When it comes to welding, those in the industry know one thing: good, skilled welders are in short supply.

Many skilled welders are approaching retirement or have already retired creating a shortage. One company anticipates that a lack of welders costs the business $2 million in revenue each year due to delayed orders; the need for welders has grown while the supply has shrunk.

Perception is a challenge to get the younger generation interested in welding. Welding is still thought of by many as a "dead-end" job, or a typical blue-collar job with low social stigma. But another part of the problem is a lack of means and will to train a new generation of welders to take the place of those who are leaving the field.

To help address the skills gap, Lincoln Electric has designed a comprehensive curriculum called U/LINC that is designed to train welders in high school and beyond to weld in today's ever-changing world.

How U/LINC Works

U/LINC is a web-based curriculum that is designed to help teach welding students everything they need to know to enter the field.

The curriculum is delivered through an on-line learning management system accessed by the instructor. It is broken up into programs that are further divided into lesson plans that can be moved around to fit the instructor's program. In this way, the instructor has control over what is taught and when it is taught.

In order to provide a thorough, credible experience, the U/LINC curriculum is aligned with state and national competencies and standards, with input provided by 35 independent welding instructors throughout the nation, as well as experts at Texas A&M and the University of Missouri.

Taking Advantage of U/LINC

Instructors interested in U/LINC for their classrooms can learn more about U/LINC here, and can also sign up for a 30-day free trial of the program. Instructors can also read FAQ and even view a sample curriculum that offers a preview of the course.

The curriculum is designed to be engaging and interactive. Students will not only learn what they need to learn in order to get started in the field; they will experience formal training that is uncommon in the industry – especially considering most older welders today either were self-taught or came up in an apprenticeship.

U/LINC gives the industry a new, dynamic tool to impart a valuable skill and give students a chance at a lucrative career that will be in demand more and more as American industry recovers and grows.

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