3D Printing Project-Based Learning Modules

3D Printing for STEM EducationGet a jump start on adding 3D printing technology to your classroom

Project-based learning modules

Boost student interest with step-by-step 3D printing project modules created by experienced instructors.

Each Stratasys learning module gives educators everything they need to take students through a full design development cycle, from concept to 3D printed part, plus more 3D printing resources for all modules in the Designer’s Tool Kit.

Encourage student innovation by making their ideas tangible. 3D printing adds a new dimension to every subject that values critical thinking and creativity, from science, technology and engineering, to art and math.

Learning modules include resources such as:

  • Project description
  • Outline of student work
  • Expected learning outcomes
  • Real student examples for each step in the design process
  • Recommended assessment rubric
  • Designer’s Tool Kit — Resource for all modules

Learn more about the different modules:

Download the Learning Modules

Download the nine project-based learning modules and Designer's Tool Kit.

Beginner Modules



This lesson helps students understand how landforms are made through natural processes via 3D printed models of the earth's landscapes.

Students learn to digitally sculpt a terrain by simulating erosion, deposition and weathering, and 3D print their landform using a computer aided design (CAD).


This lesson gives students a valuable introduction to computer aided design (CAD) and 3D printing. Students learn how to 3D print their free-form drawings using the Shape Maker tool in MakerBot PrintShop.

Sound Waves

This lesson helps students better understand sound as a form of energy. Students use a sound wave generator and computer aided design (CAD) to 3D print the sound waves their voices make.

Students learn how pitch and intonation change sound waves through 3D printed models they can hold in their hand.

Intermediate Modules


Computer Mouse

This lesson teaches students the basics of ergonomics in product design. Students learn to use design tools to create complex product designs that maximize productivity. Students create and refine their concept, and 3D print their wireless computer mouse using computer aided design (CAD) software.

Ear Bud Holder

This lesson guides students through the design process of creating an ear bud holder. Students design and 3D print a part that secures the ear buds in a compact holder.

This project illustrates the benefits of 3D printing small prototypes, and allows students to continuously assess and refine designs based on real-world testing.


This lesson helps students create adjustable, wireless headphones for optimal performance and comfort.

Students learn how to make concept and scaled sketches of their design ideas, and use computer aided design (CAD) software to 3D print their headphones.

Advanced Modules


Chess Set

In this lesson, students design and 3D print a chess set featuring six unique game pieces. Students are challenged to develop a consistent theme, design identifiable pieces and create an appropriately sized board.

Students learn the steps of a successful design process, from scaled sketches to the final 3D printed chess set.


This lesson teaches students how to digitally sculpt and 3D print a character with distinctive features. Students use colors and exaggerated facial expressions to define a persona and create a unique creature.

Students use 3D sculpting software to manipulate a digital object as if it were made of clay. Students learn how to develop designs, digitally sculpt and 3D print their creatures.

Solar Car

This lesson guides advanced students in designing, 3D printing and assembling a solar car. Students develop their design based on gears, bearings, torque and more, while 3D printing various parts for the car's assembly.

Students learn how to create concepts and scaled sketches with accurate measurements, and use computer aided design (CAD) software to 3D print solar car components.