The Stratasys F123 Series

Latest FDM Innovatioin
Latest FDM Innovatioin

Smarter prototyping for your classroom!

Intelligent 3D Printing for Education

The new Stratasys FDM 3D printers are the ultimate, all-in-one 3D printing education solution. As the world’s leader in 3D printing, Stratasys provides unrivalled levels of support, application knowledge, and industry collaboration. Which puts you at the forefront of what’s next.


  • Easy to maintain and operate for all experience levels
  • Minimal set up, classroom-ready
  • Auto-Calibration
  • Fast and easy material swaps
  • Simple system upgrades
  • GrabCAD Print, intuitive CAD-like software
  • Wide range of strength and layer resolution options
  • Option of up to four different materials, along with easy-to-remove soluble support

*The Stratasys F170 and F270 models support PLA, ABS-M30 and ASA materials; the Stratasys F370 supports PLA, ABS-M30, ASA and PC-ABS materials. PLA uses breakaway support only.

The Stratasys F123 series is the ultimate, all-in-one 3D printing education solution.

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Find out how the Stratasys F123 Series accelerates learning, focusing students on design and engineering by stream lining the rapid prototyping process.