• Lincoln Electric Virtual Reality Welding Training

Teach future skilled workers the art and craft of welding with premium welding training products including virtual trainers, weld booths, and educational packages. Instructors can engage students in production welding applications, welding techniques, robotic programming, and provide resources to advance their welding program.

Tech-Labs is proud to offer Lincoln Electric's line of virtual and automated welding training systems to educational institutions in Texas, Oklahoma. The virtual and automated training systems help welding, robotic, and manufacturing technology instructors and students develop the skills necessary to prepare for a career in the skilled trades or advanced manufacturing environment.

  • Robotic Welding Education
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    Welding programs that want to teach the latest technologies will add robotic welding to their program offering. This easy-to-program collaborative robot...
  • APT Manufacturing Mod-Weld
    Allow your welders to double their throughput with a pre-engineered robot welding system. Both the MAC series, designed with a FANUC CRX Cobot, and the MATE series, designed with a FANUC ARC Mate robot, give endless opportunities for quick setup and ease of use.
  • Lincoln Electric Welding Simulators
    The VRTEX systems are virtual reality arc welding training simulators. These computer-based training systems are educational tools designed to supplement and enhance traditional welding training. They allow students to practice their welding technique in a simulated and immersive environment. The VRTEX systems promote the efficient transfer of quality welding skills and body positioning to the welding booth while reducing material waste associated with traditional welding training.
  • Lincoln Electric VRTEX 360 Compact
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    Lincoln Electric's VRTEX® 360 Compact is a small, portable Virtual Reality Welding Simulator for mobile use in multiple environments.
  • DAC Worldwide’s Sample Boards
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    DAC Worldwide’s Weld Fault Comparison Kit (825-000) is a three-dimensional visual aid with accompanying training materials that facilitates basic training in weld quality and weld fault terminology by accurately depicting and identifying common weld defects.
  • Welding Technology Learning System
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    Welding is central to many industries including manufacturing, construction, and aerospace to name only a few. Welding is a blend of both art and science, joined together to create enduring bonds that allow us to create structures and machines on a scale impossible to achieve without it. The 950-WT1 teaches how to safely create an array of high quality weld types.
  • Lincoln Electric Robitc Welding Trainers
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    The ClassMate® M cell is a complete robotic training solution designed to meet the need for advanced manufacturing training. Instructors can teach robotic concepts in the classroom and quickly move to the lab for welding practice.