Teach future skilled workers the art and craft of welding with premium welding training products including virtual trainers, weld booths, and educational packages. Instructors can engage students in production welding applications, welding techniques, robotic programming, and provide resources to advance their welding program.

Tech-Labs is proud to offer Lincoln Electric's line of virtual and automated welding training systems to educational institutions in Texas, Oklahoma. The virtual and automated training systems help welding, robotic, and manufacturing technology instructors and students develop the skills necessary to prepare for a career in the skilled trades or advanced manufacturing environment.

Our product offering includes the VRTEX® Virtual Reality Welding Training Systems, RealWeld Trainer™ Welding Education System and the ClassMate Robotic Welding Trainer. The virtual and hands-on arc welding training and evaluation equipment are used for teaching welding theory and technique and the advanced skills required to operate and program automated and robotic welding systems.

  • Robotic Welding Education
    Easy-to-Program, Classroom Ready Weld Educational Cart
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    Welding programs that want to teach the latest technologies will add robotic welding to their program offering. This easy-to-program collaborative robot...

  • RealWeld Trainer™
    The RealWeld Trainer™ system offers a unique approach to welder training. It’s the only welding trainer intended for use in a welding booth - real welding training under real conditions.
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    REALWELD Trainer teaches multiple welding processes in a number of welding positions and prompts the user with audio coaching in both Arc On and Arc Off modes to help develop proper technique and position.

  • Lincoln Electric RealWeld Trainers
    Weld Training Soluitions
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    Train welders faster and more efficiently with the REALWELD Advanced Trainer. Using the system’s Arc OFF mode, your students can practice, troubleshoot and master welding techniques while reducing program material costs, including welding plate, electrode or wire and shielding gas. With audio coaching and instructor review of objective scores on five welding parameters, your students hit the booth running to speed up comprehension and training time.

  • Lincoln Electric Welding Simulators
    Blended training solutions for welding education.

    The VRTEX® systems are virtual reality arc welding training simulators. These computer based training systems are educational tools designed to supplement and enhance traditional welding training. They allow students to practice their welding technique in a simulated and immersive environment. The VRTEX systems promote the efficient transfer of quality welding skills and body positioning to the welding booth while reducing material waste associated with traditional welding training.

  • Classroom Weld Training
    The road to educating a skilled welding workforce starts with one small step. Make that small step a giant leap with VRTEX Engage.
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    K4299-1, K4299-2, K4299-3, K4299-4

    Lincoln Electric's VRTEX 360 is a next-generation virtual welding training system that provides a "virtual" hands-on training experience that allows future welders to complete more passes than traditional training and provides real-time welding technique feedback similar to a video game to both trainers and students

  • Lincoln Electric Welding Simulators
    The virtual welding revolution has arrived... and it's on the move!
    Item Number:
    K4603-1, K4603-3, K4633-1, K4633-3, K3435-1, K3435-3

    VRTEX Transport virtual reality arc welding trainers provide a powerful, cutting-edge solution for cultivating welding talent quickly and resourcefully.

  • Welding Technology Learning System
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    Welding is central to many industries including manufacturing, construction, and aerospace to name only a few. Welding is a blend of both art and science, joined together to create enduring bonds that allow us to create structures and machines on a scale impossible to achieve without it. The 950-WT1 teaches how to safely create an array of high quality weld types.

  • Lincoln Electric Robitc Welding Trainers
    Advancing the Manufacturing Skills of the Next Generation
    Item Number:
    AD2446-1, AD2446-2, AD2446-3

    The Lincoln Electric Robotic ClassMate Cell is a complete robotic training solution designed to meet the need for advanced manufacturing training. Instructors can teach robotic concepts in the classroom and quickly move to the lab for welding practice. Students can perform offline programming and then test their skills at a manufacturing-ready robotic cell.