Architecture & Construction

3D Printing, HVAC Trainers, Renewable Energy.. 1.6 million new construction jobs will be required in the next decade in careers ranging from carpentry and masonry to 3-D design and computer programs that control the internal environments of commercial office buildings.

Opportunities abound in HVAC & Electrical — 2,230 annual electrician job openings in the state of Texas and 17.44% average annual job growth. There is a 14% annual growth rate for careers in HVAC, much faster than average.

We offer a wide range of product for Architecture & Construction training programs, including:

  • Forklift Simulation Training | Simlog
    The only simulator that provides the scope, depth, and realism of skills training required in a vocational curriculum.
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    Simlog's Forklift Personal Simulator puts trainees at the controls of a typical factory forklift with rear-wheel steering. Challenging training scenarios reproduce the productivity demands of modern factory, warehouse, and distribution center environments. Our intelligent Instructional Design will guide your trainees through a series of 7 skill-building Simulation Modules that emphasize safety in every exercise.

  • Stratasys F Series 3D Printers
    The F120 is the table-top version of the F123 Series™ of 3D printers, designed for reliability and affordability, but built for longevity.

    The F120 is everything you expect from Stratasys: Accurate results, user-friendly interface and workflow and durable 3D printing hardware. Our industrial-grade reliability means low maintenance compared to others. Proven to print for up to 250 hours, uninterrupted with our new, large filament boxes. Prints 2-3 times faster than competition, making for a fast return on investment.

  • BOFA Advantage Range of Laser Fume Extractors
    The Advantage Base C180 has been designed and manufactured by BOFA, specifically for the GCC C180 laser engraver.

    The Advantage Base C180 has been designed specifically for the GCC C180 laser engraver. The dimensions of the unit allow the C180 to fit perfectly onto the extractor, effectively doubling it up as a workstation. The unit is also offered with an onboard air compressor to provide the laser with its air assist requirements and comes complete with extraction hose kit and compressor link up on compressor models.

  • New HVAC Curriculum
    New HVAC Curriculum to Help Your Students & New Techs or Apprentices get Better, Faster!

    Introducing the first curriculum package powered by the iManifold platform. Students will utilize today’s cutting edge technology to understand the key principles of refrigeration, while learning to practice safe work habits.

  • iConnect TU-130
    NEW HVAC Training Product!
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    This training unit demonstrates domestic refrigerators, freezers, and self-contained air-conditioning units with a co-axial, tube-in-tube heat exchanger/condenser

  • iConnect HVAC Training Units
    HVAC Trainer for forced air and hydronic heating systems featuring featuring full-sized, completely operational components
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    The forced air and hydronic heating trainer provides demonstration and service practice with forced air and hydronic heating systems, including hot water heating systems. All components are full size, completely operational and are standard brands of equipment.

  • HVAC Training Units
    This commercial refrigeration trainer is an advanced unit used to train students in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
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    Sight glass tubes at inlet and outlet of evaporator and condenser constructed of explosion proof, tie-bolt design, cut-out and by-pass valves, hand valves allow malfunctions to be simulated, many control changes are possible, combination low pressure control and high pressure cut-out, thermostatic control with an adjustable range of –30°F to 100°F, 2 solenoid liquid line valves...

  • HVAC Training Units
    NEW HVAC Commercial Refrigeration Training Unit!
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    This deluxe trainer can show the operation of multi-evaporator systems, dual temperature applications (low and medium) and an electric resistant heat defrost cycle

  • Basic Refrigeration Training System
    Compact trainer, perfect for in the classroom or mobile training.
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    This training unit features an Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) to control the flow of refrigerant with a sophisticated design. This cutting-edge technology can also operate as a fixed orifice metering device.

  • Hands-on HVAC Training Unit
    This trainer is perfect for students to learn the basics of electric heat control systems.
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    Complete set of operating controls of an electric furnace, wired 3 element furnace circuit, simulated heater elements operation shown by signal lamps, Klixon limit switch, fusible link safety device, thermostat, transformer, fan delay control, board designed for use on a bench or table...