Is your Fab Lab Complete?

Fab Labs and ​Makerspaces — or school-based, concept-to-reality, hands-on learning spaces — use a comprehensive approach and are becoming extremely popular among today’s educators because of the high demand for future professionals who are not only technically skilled but also experienced in working collaboratively.

What we offer:

Create a space where inventors and innovators can go to prototype new ideas using high tech tools, such as 3D printers, 3D scanners and laser machining workstations. We can help design a lab with the technology required to foster creativity and enhance the educational process.

Level One

  • Stratasys Mojo or uPrint 3D Printer
    Bring professional 3D printing to your workspace. Soon, you’ll be asking yourself how you ever got through the design process without one.
  • 3D Digital 1MP Scanner
    3D Digital Corp. has pioneered a reverse-engineering solution that’s affordable and complete.
  • Denford CNC
    A compact CNC system with totally enclosed interlocking guard, suitable for all levels of education and training.
  • VLS Universal Laser Systems
    Desktop and free-standing systems with a material processing envelope up to 32” x 18” x 9” ranging in power from 10 to 60 watts.

Level Two

  • Design Series 3D Printers: Dimension 1200 / Fortus 250 / Objet / Eden
    These 3D Printers deliver durable and dimensionally stable parts — perfect for tough testing and prototyping.
  • 2 MP Scanner / Optix / SAS 3D Scanners
    Reverse engineering at an affordable price.
  • FANUC Levil Cart
    Affordable and portable training solution on real FANUC hardware.
  • Universal Laser System PLS6.150D
    As a dual laser platform, the PLS6.150D can support up to two 10.6µ CO2 lasers with a power range of 20 watts to 150 watts.

Level Three

  • Stratasys Fortus or Connex 3D Printer
    Additive manufacturing is where the world is going, and nothing will get you there faster than the truly transformative 3D production systems.
  • Optix / AuSIS
    We offer a variety of 3D Scanners depending on your requirements.
  • FANUC Robodrill
    A fully-fledged compact CNC milling, tapping and drilling center that delivers unrivalled quality and precision.
  • Universal Laser System XLS10.150D
    The newest and highest performance laser material processing solution designed for highest acceleration and speed plus highest precision and accuracy.

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