VRTEX Engage

The road to educating a skilled welding workforce starts with one small step. Make that small step a giant leap with VRTEX Engage.

For some, the first step into the virtual learning environment can be a big one. Lincoln Electric makes that first step easier with VRTEX® Engage™. This standalone foundational system is designed to introduce students to the skilled trades - specifically arc welding.

To help improve the training of the nation's future welders, Lincoln Electric has developed a new way to teach welding techniques through a new virtual welding system called VRTEX 360. This next-generation virtual welding training system provides a "virtual" hands-on training experience that allows students to complete more passes than traditional training and provides real-time welding technique feedback similar to a video game to both trainers and students.

The VRTEX 360 feeds computer-generated data with a virtual welding gun and helmet equipped with internal monitors. Students practice welding in virtual environments, including simulated welding booth training environment or field welding applications. Training can be conducted in various settings, including classrooms, an important consideration especially for schools and training centers with limited resources and shop space.

As the latest addition to the Lincoln Electric VRTEX virtual reality welding education system product group, this standalone foundational system is designed to introduce students to the welding skilled trades.

VRTEX Engage is a complete package - it includes a touch screen monitor, welding gun, tracking device and a work surface. It’s all contained in a lightweight and portable carrying case that can be deployed in any setting – industrial, educational or elsewhere.

VRTEX Engage is a cost-effective tool designed to help educators train welders more efficiently and engage students to explore a career in welding. The system addresses introductory welding curriculum, including safety, machine and process selection, welding procedure set up, welding theory and more.

VRTEX Engage Benefits:

  • Learn anywhere - The portable VRTEX Engage system sets up anywhere to introduce skilled trades to students who are ready to explore a possible career in welding or consider degree programs in engineering and related fields.
  • One Small Step - VRTEX Engage provides an introductory environment thatincorporates STEM features, exposure to welding safety, procedures and techniques.
  • Capable Education Tool and Increase Hands-On Practice - VRTEX Engage provides instant feedback and assessments on safety
    and correct welding procedure settings. Students may view a demo of each weld, perform the weld and replay their own weld with the instructor for review and analysis.
  • No hidden fees - With VRTEX Engage, there are no licensing requirements or annual fees for use.
  • Reduce Costs with No Waste - VRTEX Engage helps your program reduce overall operating costs, as there is NO waste - no use of steel, electrodes, wire, shielding gas.

Features of the VRTEX Engage

  • Complete package
  • View a demo of each weld
  • Instant feedback and assessments
    Evaluate student understanding of basic welding safety and weld procedure setup.
  • Video replay for instructor or student review
    For instructor or student review and analysis on the welding process.

Options Available

K4299-1 – VRTEX® Engage™ Standard Frequency
K4299-2 – VRTEX® Engage™ Alternate Frequency 1
K4299-3 – VRTEX® Engage™ Alternate Frequency 2
K4299-4 – VRTEX® Engage™ Alternate Frequency 3

VRTEX Welding Transfer Modes

Simulates short arc, spray and pulse


Middle School, High School, Technical College, Engineering

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