VRTEX 360 Virtual Reality Arc Welding Training System

Blended training solutions for welding education.

The VRTEX® systems are virtual reality arc welding training simulators. These computer based training systems are educational tools designed to supplement and enhance traditional welding training. They allow students to practice their welding technique in a simulated and immersive environment. The VRTEX® systems promote the efficient transfer of quality welding skills and body positioning to the welding booth while reducing material waste associated with traditional welding training. The combination of realistic puddle, arc welding sound, and real-time feedback tied to the welder’s movement provides a realistic and exciting, hands-on training experience.

The VRTEX® 360 is a best-in-class, advanced level welding training system. It is designed to provide a full featured, expandable platform in an easy to use and engaging welding training tool. The VRTEX® system is ideal for basic to advanced welding training, as a testing, recruitment and engagement tool for educational and industry and for preparation for advanced level evaluation for instructors.

The VRTEX® 360 is constantly on the move incorporating additions for your training purposes each year!



  • Multiple welding processes and positions
  • Variety of joint configurations
  • Instructor tools allow modification based on preferred welding program and style


  • Realistic appearance of welding puddle and welding sounds
  • Magnetic tracking system provides accurate measurements for student evaluation

Classroom Performance

  • Visual cues give real-time technique feedback
  • Record, archive and verify student work and performance

Consumable and Environmental Savings

  • No welding consumables, wire or waste
  • Track savings with the Weldometer™


  • Supports All Out of Position Welds from flat, horizontal, vertical to overhead, the VRTEX® 360 supports all position welding and can be ready in a matter of minutes.
  • User Machine Interaction provides equipment and procedural set-up using a touchscreen display for movement through the simulation software. VRTEX 360 and VRTEX Mobile supported functionality is mirrored to make transfer of interaction seamless between the systems.
  • Dedicated Welding Gun and Stinger provides tactile feedback which adds realism to the simulation. The VRTEX® 360 stinger device retracts at the rate a real stick electrode would melt off to simulate the melting of a real electrode.
  • Tabletop Coupon Stand allows the VRTEX® 360 welding coupons to be placed in multiple positions with or without the adjustable table to simulate real welding applications.

VRTEX® 360 Instructional Videos

VRTEX® 360 Instructional Video - Part 1, Basic Operations
VRTEX® 360 Instructional Video – Part 2, User Interface
VRTEX® 360 Instructional Video – Part 3, Welding Operation
VRTEX® 360 Instructional Video – Part 4, Instructor Mode

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