Split Case Cut-Away

Cut-a-way or split case industrial trainers for the Oil and Gas Industry
Centrifugal Single Stage w/mechanical seal (9001)
Steam Reciprocating Pump (9003)
Rotary Gear Pump (9004)
Rotary Sliding Vane Pump (9005)
Rotary Vane Pump (9007)
Turbine Pump (9008)
Piston Pump (9014)
Diaphragm Pump (9015)
Split Case Cutaway
Steam Turbine (9101)
Bayport Technical Split Case Cutaway
Technical Trainers

This equipment is either cut-a-way or has a horizontally split case so you can see the internal components. They may be taken apart and reassembled for training purposes. Models shown are representative of typical production items. Actual equipment may vary according to manufacturer and design or customer specifications. Please call for us for any custom requirements.

Split Case Cut-Away Models

9001 Centrifugal Single Stage w/mechanical seal
9003 Steam Reciprocating Pump
9004 Rotary Gear Pump
9005 Rotary Sliding Vane Pump
9006 Multi-Screw Pump
9007 Rotary Vane Pump
9008 Turbine Pump
9014 Piston Pump
9015 Diaphragm Pump
9101 Steam Turbine
9203 Screw Compressor
9301 Single phase Electric Motor
9400 Multi stage Steam Pump
9401 Lobe Blower
9002 Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump
9009 Rotary Vane Blower
9010 Sliding Vane Air Pump
9011 Horizontal Split Case Centrifugal
9012 Two Stage Submersible Pump
9013 Positive Displacement Pump
9016 Magnetic Flow Meter
9020 Foxboro 43 AP Controller
9021 DP Cell Transmitter
9023 Orifice Assembly
9024 Electronic Pressure Transmitter
9202 Reciprocating Compressor
9204 Lubricated Gear Reducer
9302 Three phase Electric Motor
9305 4 Stroke Diesel Engine
9403 Vacuum Ejector
9501 Pneumatic Cage Displacer
9601 Inverted Bucket Steam Trap
9602 Thermostatic Float Steam Trap
9701 Bourdon Tube Gauge
9702 Bellows Gauge
9703 Diaphragm Gauge
9801 Y-type Strainer
9802 Dual Basket Strainer

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Bayport Training & Technical is dedicated to providing specialized services and educational or industrial tools aimed at promoting a true “hands-on” teaching concept. The variety of cutaways, demonstrators and models are conceived and orchestrated through a client driven needs analysis program.

Mission Statement: To continuously work to achieve and repeatedly prove Bayport’s focus on existing and new technologies, quality and value in our products and services, through never ending diligence and dedication in providing unique tools, experienced personnel and contribution to our field of endeavor.

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