Simulation training helps reduce costs and improve your training program. The fact is, simulators will help improve your bottom line, in the following ways:

  • Use the simulator at local job fairs to promote your training program and increase the number of training applicants.
  • You can give everyone the same training opportunity, but still carefully pre-screen for operator potential using your own simulator-based benchmarks.
  • Help your trainees better understand operating concepts by demonstrating them, instead of just explaining.
  • Help trainees "in difficulty" to meet your same training objectives by allocating to them more simulator time. In this way, you can be sure that everyone will be ready for subsequent training in the field.
  • Make the training at the controls of your heavy equipment safer. How ? By providing a "virtual seat" for the drill-and-practice needed to acquire the necessary muscle memory and gain self-confidence. Remember too that fewer mistakes in the field means less wear-and-tear on your iron, since the "accidents" now happen on the simulator.
  • Thanks to the simulator-based preparation, your students will reach their performance targets sooner at the controls of your heavy equipment. As a result, you'll now "find" time to teach them more advanced techniques without increasing your seat-time hours.
  • Finally, with improved skills, your graduates will be more employable, and the reputation of your training program is increased. And that means more applicants for your next class.

Isn't it time to reduce your training costs and improve your training program?

  • SimLog Mobile Crane Personal Simulator
    Even more operator training help, thanks to NEW functionality!
    Item Number:

    Simlog’s Advanced Edition puts you at the controls of a modern rough-terrain mobile crane equipped with telescoping boom and jib, and a variety of hook-blocks with best-in-class simulation graphics and physics, slings that go “slack”, and a boom that deflects. And now there’s wind, with parameters to define the direction, strength, and gusting.

  • SimLog Personal Simulators for OperatorTraining
    Version 2 of Off-Highway Truck is here! Simlog has gained special insights into operator training challenges and instructional design to help you train students better.

    The simulation software puts you at the controls of a modern "rock truck" at work in a typical quarry, in interaction with a simulated Wheel Loader. You can even use the keyboard function keys and mouse controls during the simulation to change the point of view!

  • Port Crane Simulators
    Get empowered & Gain Absolute Confidence

    Port Crane simulators provide flexible solutions to meet your educational needs with a wide variety of options to choose from. These simulators replicate a wide variety of operating conditions, using hands-on experience operating crane in difficult and demanding conditions.

  • Tower Crane Personal Simulator
    SimLog Heavy Equipment Simulators for Operator Training

    Simlog's simulation software puts you at the controls of a modern freestanding top-slewing tower crane with trolley jib. Instrument readings include working slew angle, working radius, lowering depth (hook height), and load weight. There is also a simulated three-way switch for hoist gear selection. You can even change the viewpoint during the simulation at the touch of a button.

  • Cost Effective Wheel Loader Simulator for Operator Training
    Working in multiple industry sectors, Simlog has gained special insights into operator training challenges and instructional design to help you train students better with their Wheel Loader Personal Simulator.

    Simlog's Wheel Loader Personal Simulator puts trainees at the controls of a modern Wheel Loader in interaction with an Off-Highway Truck. Using the challenging driving scenarios and life-like digging zones of the virtual quarry combined with our intelligent instructional design, your trainees are guided through a series of 8 skill building Simulation Modules.

  • Wheeled Material Handler Personal Simulator
    Rising workforce shortages are creating strong demand for skilled heavy equipment operators.

    Simlog's new Wheeled Material Handler Personal Simulator puts you at the controls of a typical wheeled material handler equipped with an articulated boom, four-tine grapple, elevating cab, and outriggers. Many different kinds of situations typical of (metal) scrap recycling yards are presented, in order to address the training needs of a wide variety of customers using different operational practices.