SciTex Learning for Middle Schools

Materials to cover grades 6 to 8 science topics

Grades 6-8 Demo Courses

A comprehensive series of learning resources for Middle School Science in Texas Schools.

SciTex Learning is a cloud-based Middle School Science teaching resource providing proven success for teaching Elementary Science in Texas.

Hands-On Tasks
Hands-on labs and investigations that are linked to the associated core content.

All resources are directly linked to, and driven by, Next Generation and State Science Standards.

Dual Language
Switch between English and Spanish language resources in an instant.

ELPS - English Language Support
Resources to help students meet the requirements of Common Core and State ELA integration.

Math and Science Support
Lessons in related Mathematics or remedial Science that are linked to the core content.

Optional Science Experiment Kits
Click here for available kits.

Science Topic Coverage for Grades 6-8

  • Earth and Space
  • Force, Motion, and Energy
  • Information and its Uses*
  • Matter and Energy
  • Organisms and Environment
  • Safety
  • Science and Society*
  • Scientific Method
  • Sustainability

*Grade 6 and 7 only.

Click here for more detailed information on each topic.

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