OPTIX 500 Series 3D Scanners

Cutting edge laser technology that makes precision 3D object scanning - quick and simple.
Optix 500S 3D Laser Scanner
Optix 500M 3D Laser Scanner
OPTIX 500 Series 3D Scanners

The Optix 500 Series sets new standards for accuracy and resolution, and is the premium choice for 3D object scanning. Three configurations produce optimal precision across a spectrum of scan-range sizes and each model is modular, lightweight and portable.

The Optix 500 Advantage


These scanners can be customized to satisfy customer-specified requirements, ensuring optimal performance and maximum return on investment.


With robotic arms, multi-axis rotary stage and rail systems, our complete scanning systems reduce operator intervention to provide a simple path to repeatability and unparalleled accuracy.


Small, lightweight and very robust, our scanners are easily transportable – just pack and go. They can also operate via battery without any restrictions.

Ease of Use

These scanners operate on a standard Windows platform with no special computer requirement – just plug and play. An easy-to-use interface means you can set up and scan within minutes.


This product line accommodates a broad range of scan object sizes without limitation or the need for specialized setup.


These scanners are designed with the flexibility to capture objects across a spectrum of size, color and shape characteristics without any special preparation in most cases.

Auto Calibration

With our modular design, users can easily change heads to accommodate varying object characteristics/sizes without the need for field or operator calibration, obtaining consistent accuracy across a variety of parts.

Adjustable Resolution

Multiple resolution options enable users to increase or decrease laser speed, depending upon the application.


  • 5 MP
  • 12 Microns (Best)
  • 6 – 30 inch depth of field
  • Green, Red, Blue laser options
  • Color Scanning available
  • Interchange optic lenses
  • Rotary table available
  • Accurate and Repeatable

Optix Series 3D Laser Scanner

Optix 500S 3D Laser Scanner

Optix 500S head is upgraded based on model 400. It has the same scan range as model 400, but both accuracy and resolution have been dramatically improved. With the Optix 500S head, the applications of 3DD scanners have been expanded to cell phone and jewelry industries. The Optix 500S head is now suitable for small objects with great details.

It provides a very high accuracy of up to 15 microns (0.0006″) and is used for imaging targets that are ranging from 80mm ~ 300 (3″ ~ 12″). It is suitable for small parts scanning, while larger objects can also be scanned with lower accuracy. Scanning with higher accuracy or at a longer range can be accomplished with just one snap with out operator calibration .

Optix 500M 3D Laser Scanner

Optix 500M head is upgraded based on model 400 and is widely used in many different industries. It provides a high accuracy and is suitable for middle range scanning. It is good for both large and medium size part scanning. It serves as a middle solution between Optix 500S and 500L heads.

Optix 500M head may be used to image targets ranging from 150mm (6″) to 500mm (20″) in size. Additionally, larger targets may be imaged by combining multiple scans which are easily accomplished using our software. Scanning with higher resolution or longer range can be accomplished with a snap with out operator calibration.

Optix 500L 3D Laser Scanner

Optix 500L head is upgraded from model 400L. It has improved accuracy and resolution and is the best model for larger parts scanning. Furthermore, Optix 500L head extends the scan range greatly to be able to capture and define detailed contours and sharp edges from 3 feet (900mm) away.

It is now the new industry leader in terms of its accuracy and range performance. It is widely used in Automotive ,tool and die markets.

All 3D Digital Corp products are designed, engineered, manufactured & serviced in the U.S.A.

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3D Digital Corp.

3D Digital Corp. is a US-based manufacturer of non-contact laser scanners founded in 1995. Supplying companies large and small in a broad array of applications, 3D Digital has been a leading provider of lightweight, USB 3D laser scanners that are affordable and easy to use.

Customization and personal service set 3D Digital apart, inspiring loyalty and unmatched word-of-mouth support. The company now has over 3,000 scanner installations worldwide, over half of them customized to fit the user’s unique needs. The size of your investment in 3D Digital scanning doesn’t matter. The sophisticated technology developed for Fortune 500 clients is built into 3D Digital’s popular off-the-shelf products for customers new to 3D scanning and working with limited budgets.

Engineering innovation and a skill for anticipating customer needs is the 3D Digital Corp’s edge. Its product line has advanced through three distinct generations of scanner technology—no other brand can match that pace of advancement. Receiving custom modifications to its original order, a 3DD customer knows there will be no problems going forward as its scanning needs evolve—the company will be ready with the upgrades and modifications necessary.

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