Forced Air & Hydronic Heating

HVAC Trainer for forced air and hydronic heating systems featuring featuring full-sized, completely operational components


  • A student experiment manual specially written for this equipment
  • Experiments include: Introduction of principles, References, Pre-lab questions, Lab procedure, Post-lab exercises
  • Experiment topics include: Forced air heat pump, Circulation systems, Burner systems, Duct system, Air balancing, Flame safety devices, Temperature and humidity control, Heat transfer devices, Oil fired boiler and burner systems, Draft regulators and piping systems

Trainer includes:

  • Heat pump forced air system (gas furnace option available)
  • Oil fired hydronic boiler
  • Air conditioning via reverse heat pump operation
  • Fuel tank sold separately
  • Trainer can be custom built to meet your needs

Installation Requirements:

  • Trainer ships in 3 sections, must be assembled upon delivery.

Sections include: Main unit, Heat pump unit and Duct Work

  • Oil Supply
  • Water supply required for humidifier (1/4” copper line) and boiler (standard garden hose)
  • Drain required for humidifier


  • Overall Size: 180”W x 48”D x 100”H
  • Electrical Requirements: 100 Amp, 240V

1PH service

  • Shipping Weight: 1,900 lbs

TU-208E (shown) utilizes an electric boiler system

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