Escan 3D Scanner

3D Digital Corporation is the innovative leader in the manufacture of lightweight, USB 3D laser scanners that provide extremely high accuracy, yet are affordable and the most easy-to-use product on the market.
3D Scanning Made Simple
eScan 3D Scanner

3D Digital Corp.has pioneered a reverse-engineering solution that’s affordable and complete. It’s called EScan, and we designed it based on field research and extensive customer feedback. Our customers let us know they needed a total solutions package—not just a scanning device. With EScan we’ve delivered it.

3D Scanning is used in many fields including automotive, architecture, medical, manufacturing and research. The applications this technology is used for ranges from reverse engineering and prosthesis to inspection and education.

One of the most interesting uses for 3D printing is for education. For instance, the Smithsonian has been scanning and archiving artifacts then making the designs available online for teachers and students to download and print. It is a great use for educational purposes — combining engineering, math, and history for lessons inside and outside of the classroom.

Enhanced Escan

The Escan Standard Base and Escan Extended Base models can be upgraded to Enhanced Escan. Enhanced Escan provides the high resolution option, which allows you to increase the maximum points per line from 980 to 1920. This reduces the amount of approximation in the scanned data, allowing for more detail to be captured. This upgrade to an Enhanced Escan model includes an advanced lens and higher density CCD array. The advanced lens option will minimize the amount of “noise” in the data, greatly reducing deviation and allowing for cleaner scans.

Rotary Table Option

The Escan Enhanced Standard Base and Enhance Extended Base models can be upgraded by adding a 2-axis rotary table with full automation. The Rotary Table gives you maximum control over your scans by precisely adjusting the object in relation to the scanner. The Rotary Table feature has both manual and fully automatic scan modes. This is a must-have feature when scanning small, detailed objects such as dental scans, ear molds, rocks, and tool & die.


  • Reverse engineering at an affordable price
  • Imports directly into popular CAD and CAM programs
  • Exports .stl, .obj, .ascii and other file formats
  • Produces 3D scanner images quickly and effectively
  • Complete 3D scanner software solution
  • USB Plug & Play


  • 1 and 2 MP options
  • 28 Microns (Best)
  • 8 – 26 inch depth of field
  • Color Scanning available
  • Rotary table available
  • Accurate and Repeatable

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3D Digital Corp.

3D Digital Corp. is a US-based manufacturer of non-contact laser scanners founded in 1995. Supplying companies large and small in a broad array of applications, 3D Digital has been a leading provider of lightweight, USB 3D laser scanners that are affordable and easy to use.

Customization and personal service set 3D Digital apart, inspiring loyalty and unmatched word-of-mouth support. The company now has over 3,000 scanner installations worldwide, over half of them customized to fit the user’s unique needs. The size of your investment in 3D Digital scanning doesn’t matter. The sophisticated technology developed for Fortune 500 clients is built into 3D Digital’s popular off-the-shelf products for customers new to 3D scanning and working with limited budgets.

Engineering innovation and a skill for anticipating customer needs is the 3D Digital Corp’s edge. Its product line has advanced through three distinct generations of scanner technology—no other brand can match that pace of advancement. Receiving custom modifications to its original order, a 3DD customer knows there will be no problems going forward as its scanning needs evolve—the company will be ready with the upgrades and modifications necessary.

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