Electric Motor Technology Center

Hands on experience with different types of electric motors in various different types of circuits. Perfect for electric motor theory demonstrations.


  • Investigates in detail the fractional horsepower electric motor
  • Examine its theory, construction, proper wiring and maintenance
  • 5 different types of motors: split phase, capacitor start, universal, shaded pole and hermetic compressors are provided with proper test equipment to determine their operating characteristics, performance, starting circuits and control, and their maintenance and troubleshooting
  • The center consists of a cabinet with instrumentation back-panel
  • Special motor mounting base and quick coupler shaft adapter allow for instant hookup of auxiliary motors
  • Back-panel includes an instrumentation section of ammeter, voltmeter and watt meter to show changing electrical performance under changing loads
  • Also includes a control center that illustrates the function of magnetic contactors with control circuits, terminal board wiring, speed controllers, motor starting relays and short cycle protection
  • Includes an instruction manual with 24 exercises in motor theory

Experimental areas:

  • Motor Basics-Universal Motor
  • Magnetic Starters-Lock-Out Relays
  • Motor Electrics-Volts, Amps, Watts
  • Motor Power-Torque and Horsepower
  • Wiring Diagrams for Motor Control
  • The Shade-Pole Motor
  • The Hermetic Compressor
  • Starting Relays and Capacitors
  • Push-button Controllers
  • Low Voltage Magnetic Starters


  • Overall Size: 44”W x 27”D x 60”H
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