Design Series

The power of prototyping. Maximized.

If you’ve ever taken a 3D prototype for a test spin before, you already know its impact.

Cut turnaround time and increase quality by building prototypes right under your own roof with Stratasys Design Series 3D printers.

Stratasys Design Series 3D Printers dramatically shorten design and development cycles, improve communication and collaboration, and resolve issues between design and engineering. They increase learning and prototyping while reducing costly mistakes. Very soon, you’ll wonder, “Why weren’t we doing this before?”

Find Your Performance 3D Printer

Powered by FDM Technology, Performance 3D Printers deliver models in real ABSplus thermoplastic. Parts are durable and dimensionally stable — perfect for tough testing. And materials are affordable, so you can work iteratively and test frequently.

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Find Your Precision 3D Printer

Based on PolyJet 3D Printing technology, Precision 3D Printers give you the best surface quality, finest details and widest range of material properties available. Produce astonishing color and multi-material that look and feel just like your future products.

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Stratasys Objet260 Connex3

Unmatched Design Freedom

Designers, meet the most liberating 3D printer in the world. The Objet260 Connex3 creates brilliantly colored prototypes with a range of multi-material components including rigid, flexible, clear and durable. Get inspired by the possibilities. Then start prototyping with passion.

Stratasys Objet30 Prime

The World’s Most Versatile Desktop 3D Printer!

3D print your biggest ideas right on your desktop with the ultimate in precision and versatility. The Objet30 Prime is the only desktop 3D printer in the world that works with 12 materials and gives you specialized properties like flexibility and biocompatibility.

Dimension Elite

Dimension’s Finest Resolution 3D Printer

You have a keen eye for detail and appreciate strength. That’s why Stratasys offers the Dimension Elite Performance 3D Printer. It’s made specifically for those who demand ABSplus prototypes with exquisite detail. In-house 3D modeling with Dimension 3D Printing is a cost-effective way to improve your designs and reduce risk by working iteratively. With the Elite, the proof is in the prototype.

Dimension 1200es

Durability Meets Affordability

See your designs come to life with the Dimension SST 1200es and BST 1200es 3D Printers. They turn 3D CAD files into functional, durable 3D models that you can not only discuss but test. The large build capacity of Dimension 1200es 3D Printers gives you the room to print models at the size you need.

Stratasys Objet30 Pro

The World’s Most Versatile Desktop 3D Printer

Turn your vision into reality with the Objet30 Pro. It’s the only desktop 3D printer in the world that can print in up to eight different materials, including transparent and high-temperature photopolymers. A large tray size gets the most out of a small footprint. Create stunningly realistic models right in your office. The possibilities are endless.

Stratasys Objet24

The Power of Professional 3D Printing on Your Desktop

Create true-to-life models in-house with the Objet24. Print in layers thinner than a human hair for astonishingly accurate prototypes. With Objet24 on your team, you have unlimited power to innovate – at a price you can afford!

Fortus 250mc

Digital manufacturing in a compact size

The Fortus 250mc is your gateway to in-house digital manufacturing. With the same powerful Insight software as our largest 3D production systems, the Fortus 250mc builds parts so durable and accurate, you’ll find its use expanding beyond functional testing and into tooling, jigs and fixtures — even ABSplus end-use parts.

Stratasys Objet260 Connex

Build Precise, Multi-Material Prototypes

The Objet260 Connex gives you the power to simulate the precise look, feel and function of sophisticated finished products. With the widest range of materials and material properties in the world, Objet Connex 3D Printers are the only solution that prints as many as 14 material properties simultaneously in a single part — so you can turn the most creative ideas into realistic models, fast.