Basic Automotive Air Conditioning Equipment Package

Contains minimum test equipment necessary for performing experiments and tests with auto air conditioning trainers (TU-103 & TU-203).
Equipment for Auto Air Conditioning Trainers

Equipment Package includes:

  • Digital Thermometer (Model SDT-40)
  • Flexible PVC Covered Probe (Model D4109 - not pictured)
  • 2 Way Manifold for R22, R134A & R407C (Model 521-CA)
  • 5ft Hose Set & Adapters (3 hoses & 2 adapters - not pictured — included with manifold Model 521-CA)
  • Isolation Valve (Model 7584 - not pictured)
  • Valve Core Depressor (Model 7025)
  • Halogen Leak Detector Kit (Model HLD-1201)
  • Reversible Ratchet Wrench (Model 127-C)
  • ACME Adapter Set (Not pictured)

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iConnect Training

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Prior to going out into the field, technicians need to fully understand each heating and cooling systems. iConnectTraining equipment provides HVAC/R students with the knowledge & training for the safe and efficient operation of all types of systems found in our industry. iConnectTraining provides the finest training units to the educational market which are found in high schools, technical colleges, government facilities and other educational settings all over the world.

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iConnect Training provides a line of sophisticated training units that greatly aide in the teaching of Heating, Ventiliation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

The training units represent a wide variety of subjects in the heating, refrigeration and air conditioning industries. The training units range from demonstrating simple concepts to illustrating advanced troubleshooting and servicing techniques. Their expertise certainly does not end here. They also custom design and build trainers to your exact specifications and needs.

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Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Heavy Equipment Simulation, Collision Repair & Automotive TechnologyThe U.S. Dept. of Labor forecasts that the automotive industry is expected to add 237,500 new jobs and have a 30 percent growth rate through 2020

We offer a variety of training products for this career cluster including:

  • Automotive Technology and Diesel Engine programs from LJ Create
  • Certification programs from Marcraft
  • SimSpray virtual reality paint spraying for Collision Repair programs
  • Simlog Heavy Equipment Simulators for training heavy equipment operators
  • OilTec Port Crane Simulators
  • Transas Maritime Simulation & Training