Basic Automotive Air Conditioning Equipment Package

Contains minimum test equipment necessary for performing experiments and tests with auto air conditioning trainers (TU-103 & TU-203).

Equipment Package includes:

  • Digital Thermometer (Model SDT-40)
  • Flexible PVC Covered Probe (Model D4109 - not pictured)
  • 2 Way Manifold for R22, R134A & R407C (Model 521-CA)
  • 5ft Hose Set & Adapters (3 hoses & 2 adapters - not pictured — included with manifold Model 521-CA)
  • Isolation Valve (Model 7584 - not pictured)
  • Valve Core Depressor (Model 7025)
  • Halogen Leak Detector Kit (Model HLD-1201)
  • Reversible Ratchet Wrench (Model 127-C)
  • ACME Adapter Set (Not pictured)
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